Tuesday, October 4, 2011


SO, now that you've seen the dressers, i'm having a issue choosing a crib. I obviously don't want too spend much (free is always better)...and i know Walmart has some pretty cool/reasonable options.  I've started my 'search' on the web...and i'm looking for something-that goes with my theme: mid-century modern....and obviously the ones i realllllllllllllllly like are WAY above my price range.
That's where i need your help...
If you see anything that sorta resembles....or...comes close to my design/theme...please, please, please...send it my way!

Here are what i'm looking at...let me know what you think will go better with what i have so far:

loving this grey tone crib...just way too expensive!

how perfect! i wish.

Dwell studio (you melt my heart!), but at 980.00 it's a little OVER what i expected to pay!

They have this at bbru...and it's 399...still within reasonable price range...

Baby Mod @ Walmart, $199---more like it!

Room & Board...looove this!

not sure where i found this one, but i do looove it.

So---let me know which one you think goes better with my dressers.....i really want to get started on picking one! Thanks guys.

Nursery...part 1 of 34343434----I NEED ADVICE.

Sorry i haven't updated. Let's just say...i'm getting bigger...and more and more uncomfortable...
This weekend though...while at the flea market...i got the dresser/changing table, night stand, & tall dresser...and i'm having some doubts. I know i can make it work, i'm just TIRED...and i wish i could just close my eyes and everything will be done! However, with the 4 day weekend approaching (and my 1 year anniversary)...i have LOTS of projects planned. How exciting. I told my hubby i didn't want anything...just some house work/nursery projects...and i think it's a fair deal!

check out my dressers (i haven't cleaned them yet, so excuse the crappy/dirty pics)...let me know what you think (can i make it work?) Also, if any of you have any advice on how to re-paint (i've already done my research) veneer dressers (YHL has a great tutorial)...let me know any tips...since i will attempt this-all this weekend!

what do you think? I know-totally retro/mid century...but it's the look i was going for. I'm debating on keeping the leg tips gold...and actually, i kinda like the knobs...but i need ideas.
I also found this, VERY SIMILAR dresser that is priced at $1080....

Isn't that scarry? Aren't they SO SIMILAR?!! And I want you to GUESS how much i paid. I can't even. The man at the flea market was selling it as a set...so i had to take everything (Long Dresser (not pictured), tall skinny dresser (not pictured), medium skinny dresser (pictured), desk (not pictured), night stand (pictured), AND MIRROR...all for $200...INCLUDING DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes...he even lugged it up to the room!! And i live on the second floor. I really couldn't pass it up!!
I am not going to use the tall dresser and the desk...and i'm using the mirror in my bedroom...so i really didn't loose out. My mom said she could use the other 2.

Also, i scored a great Cream shaggy (REALLY SOFT TO THE TOUCH) 5 x 8 rug at Marshalls for $129! Can you believe that!? It's sooooooooo soft, and i could probably lay on it all day. (I haven't taken any pics, because i have it away until the last day...so that i don't get puppy and kitty hair on it.

Rocking chair: i'm still up in the air. My mom has this (rusting) in her backyard for the past few years. I always thought it was cool...until i realized, it goes perfect in my MID CENTURY MODERN NURSERY...and i think i might use it...

What do you guys think? I'm thinking...spray paint it avocado? I need your help guys....please give me pointers/ideas/advice/thumbs up/whatever you guys want...i just want your input. If you've never commented...now is your time. (COMMENTS MAKE ME UBER HAPPY).

 Tell me, tell me, tell me!! Please......................