Thursday, May 26, 2011

San Francisco Part 1.

I've recently had a few friends ask me to recommend/give advice on cool things to do in San Francisco, since Hubby and I spent 7 beautiful days there on our Honeymoon.  I couldn't be anymore excited to share all the details, because it was such a great vacation....especially after planning a wedding...and yet, surprisingly, budget friendly. We wanted to find a place that was romantic and beautiful, that wouldn't completely break the bank...and we did!!!

Originally, we were going to go to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic...but October is hurricane season, and i didn't want to take any risk of RAIN and HURRICANE on my HONEYMOON!!!!!!! Also, My idea of a vacation is sitting on a beach, tanning, with a nice drink in hand-while hubby is more or the history, sight seeing type.  I decided that San Francisco was a fair trade...romantic yet lots of it was really a win win.

I'm really crazy when it comes to planning vacations and getaways. I seriously DO MY RESEARCH (I'm pretty much like that with lots of things). I mean, Literally. I actually google mapped San Francisco, and (digitally) walked up and down streets. Isn't google map the best invention, EVER?!!

First, I'd like to say...San Francisco is definitely for lovers. Actually, all of California is. There is something in the air, i tell ya. Being from totally see/feel/smell it. It's such a different lifestyle...definitely something I could get used to!

We booked our hotel by Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39). The reason i choose this location was simple....EVERYTHING is within walking distance. Parking on the street is very expensive in SF, since it's mostly i wanted something with walking distance to all the attractions. But best of all, the hotel had a rental car service, so if we wanted to go out, and needed a car...we could rent and return the same day. PERFECT! :) We booked 6 nights at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf on Mason street. And i made sure to google map everything within 1 mile of there.  I actually felt like i knew where i was when i got there!!! ;)

We arrived on a Tuesday (Our wedding was Sunday-Columbus Day weekend)...and didn't waste much time.  When we arrived at the hotel we were pleasantly surprised...the hotel was just newly remodeled...but let me just say this...our room wasn't a honeymoon suite, but the room was clean and tidy...and the king bed was extremely i can't complain. Hubby and I have lived together for 5 years prior to our wedding, so we didnt' really need the rose petals and bubble bath extras.

We immediately dropped our bags off, and headed straight tour.

Our first stop was Trader Joe's. Hubby works in the one on Long Island, so it was nice to go visit...and see what they had, although most of the stuff is the same, what LI doesn't have is Liquor. That was a nice surprise! They even had wine from local vineyards. And since hubby and I were going to be there a few nights...we decided to get some munchies food and drinks for our late nights/day trips.

How could you go wrong with a bottle of wine for only $1.99??!!!! I mean, seriously. (we gave this wine as favors for our wedding).

We then walked back to our room, which was only like a 3 minute walk from TJ' put our drinks on ice:

Hubby shown here with the ice bucket! :)
After that, we decided to walk around the pier...and see what we were working with for dinner, since we were starting to get a little hungry.  We literally sat at the pier for way longer than expected ...because we couldn't get our eyes off of these cute guys:
There was so much to do at the pier...and the weather was PERFECT. High 70' wind...just...the PERFECT WEATHER. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to land in SF.

Then we had dinner on the pier at a restaurant called the Fog Harbor Fish House...and it was of course, "HAPPY HOUR".
I of course had the crab cake (my fave).

After that we walked around the pier some more...until the sun set...and that was the end of day 1. I will post more tomorrow, but i hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our honeymoon so far!! ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Searching for some inspiration:

Still seeking some inspiration. So i thought...why not try one of these:

1. What type of diamond cut do you like?
I actually like princess cut, however, while hubby and I were engagement ring shopping...i realized, my finger does in fact look better in a round. And, i looove my ring!

2. If you are married when is your anniversary? If not what month
would you like to be married in?

Our anniversary is October 10, 2010: 10-10-10...and i bet hubby can't ever forget our day!! I've always LOVED October weddings. Our day was PERFECT! Not too cold, and not too hot, and we were married at sunset! :) PERFECTION.

3. What were or would you like your wedding colors to be?
My colors were Ivory, Black, and Gold. I looooved my colors, and if i could do it all over again, I'd still pick them!

4. How many bridesmaids did or would you have at your wedding?
I honestly originally didn't want any. I know that is really mean, but I'm not big on making a big deal, and having a bunch of women fight/argue over what they want etc etc. But, i ended up picking my best friend and my cousin. They are the closest to me...and i know that down the line, they will always be there for me. I didn't want to pick girls that in 5 years i look back on my wedding pics and have people ask "who is that?". These two are forever a part of me.

5. How long have you been married?
We've been married 7 amazing months! :)

6. Where did you go on your Honeymoon?
San Francisco! We originally were going to go to Dominican Republic, but since October is Hurricane season we decided to stay in the States. WE LOVED SAN FRAN!!! :) SOO ROMANIC!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm back!

Hey Guys!
I'm so sorry i haven't updated!! I've had a few days (week) off...and now i feel even more ready to post!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I spent it with my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law. It was my sister in law's first Mother's Day, so we wanted to make her feel extra special. We arrived extra early, to give her a few hours off...and we stole the little one for a few hours. I can only imagine how that must get a break! She's been suffering with allergies, so even us just sitting on the couch with the little man was enough for her to take a shower and get dressed...and even put on makeup!  We waited for her hubby to get home and we went out for Italian!  It was a really nice evening. My mother is a Jehovahs Witness, so she doesn't celebrate any don't worry, she wasn't jealous/left out.

Anywho, The weather in NY is starting to get really nice! A few weeks ago, Hubby and I raked up (mostly on his hands and knees) ALL of the grass and replanted the grass from seed. I can't even believe, only a few short days later, our grass is back...and it's better than ever.  The front yard is looking really nice and green...we've even got compliments from some neighbors! Hubby swears that "He's THE MAN"...because we were able to get such green grass, in less than 2 weeks...and only spent a total of $78.  We used a combination of grass seed, peat moss, and fertilizer. We also removed some of the shrubs that were in the front...and cleaned up all the flower beds.

This also means, we had to walk Bailey & Sebastian...which is actually really nice. The dogs are getting the hang of walking on a leash, and Bailey loves meeting new people(neighbors) on our walks.  We also were able to put a gate up for the dog they have a place to sit/hang out when we're outside. I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to open a window...and have fresh air come through the house.

We still have a few projects we want to do on the outside, which include: painting the front door, replacing the screen door, power washing the house/windows, and repainting the fence...but one thing at a time.
This weekend i'm going to Buffalo to see my friend graduate from college. I'm going to miss hubby and the pups.

How did you spend your Mother's Day!? And what are the plans for the weekend!?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

taking a break

I am going to be taking a break for a couple of weeks...i am so sorry, but i am dealing with some issues right now, and don't really have much energy to write new posts. I will be reading all of your post though! So i'm still here, just not really HERE!

thank you for understanding, I will be back shortly. I promise.