Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 17 weeks 5 days preggo.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of last doctor's visit (July 7) i have gained 8 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Yes!!! I've pretty much out gown most of my regular pants and some of my shirts are becoming too short. :(
Sleep:  Some days YES, some days NO. I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom...so it kind of interrupts my sleep. I've also been getting achy hips..so my mom got me a body pillow (best invention EVER). Hubby seems to think it's his though.
Best Moment this week: I guess...finally accepting that I'm ACTUALLY looking prego, and not...bloated. It's kind of cute...my stomach is getting bigger...and my body isn't (except my boobs, I've grown a whole cup! My mom said 'this is only the begining')
Gender: It's a boy! We found out on July 1st. We are SUPER EXCITED...i've always wanted a boy first (i love the idea of 'big brothers' because i had one)
Don't know if what I'm feeling is the baby, or if it's my imagination. Kinda feels like an eye twitch...or sometimes Gas. My sister-in-law and cousin said that it feels like water moving around, but i haven't felt that. Maybe my baby is just different. LOL
Food Cravings: Still not craving anything...i am really getting lazy though. I'm not cooking as much as i used to :(
Food Aversions: Nothing really...
How i'm feeling: My back continues to bother me...:( But it's more when i sit for long extended periods of time, or i'm not comfortable..
What I am looking forward to:
Dying my hair (with HENNA) this weekend. Hopefully i wont have Pregnant head anymore...
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: 
Week 17: Onion
Average size: 5.1 in, 5.9 oz

Skeleton is hardening, and fat is accumulating...

Weekly Thoughts: I've already started to plan his nursery in my head. I'm so excited to start decorating. What are your thoughts on buying second hand??
and here is my very first(Shared with blog world), Preggo pic.
sorry for the bad quality cell phone pic....and excuse me, i'm at the bathroom at work...but it definitely shows my baby bump.


To DYE or NOT TO DYE...that is the question.

SOOO...yea, i suck for not writing for a while now. Sorry!! Again...I've been so consumed in baby-land somewhere...i must have forgotten about my blog. Although, i do read and follow lots of blogs, i don't find anything interesting to write about, because A...all i do is eat, sit on the couch, and eat some more...and B...it's like, super hot out...so all i do is A...yea, pretty much my life.

So, since this baby was SO NOT PLANNED (But so very welcomed), i do in fact need to do something with my terrible ROOTS! I know that if this were 'PLANNED' i would've gone to my natural hair color and called it a day. Now I'm suffering from pregnant head...and it's not cute.
I went to the beauty supply at lunch...which by the way, in NY it's about 189 degrees out...and when you're pregnant...it seems THAT much HOTTER. I don't think in the 26 years of life, I've EVER been this HOT. I feel like my skin burns! ...oh yea, back to the story: so, i went to the beauty supply and i picked up Colora HENNA creme.  The box says it best: "Hair color & conditioner with natural henna, no ammonia, no peroxide.".

I was wondering if any of you ever dyed your hair while pregnant...and if so...what are your feelings about it. Have any of you ever put Henna in your hair?? I want reviews. Post away!!

On to some other news:

It's crazy! We found out a few weeks ago, but i decided to keep it a secret until we told everyone in our families. Mr. C is SOOOOOO EXCITED. He has so many plans (baseball, football, etc) for them! It's really weird, because i really do feel that every woman has intuition about what they are having, the SECOND they find out. Like, I remember finding out, and saying "I know it's a boy". Isn't that weird, scary? And when they told us, i just KNEW it.  Anyone else have the MOTHERS Sixth Sense about what they were having???