Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To DYE or NOT TO DYE...that is the question.

SOOO...yea, i suck for not writing for a while now. Sorry!! Again...I've been so consumed in baby-land somewhere...i must have forgotten about my blog. Although, i do read and follow lots of blogs, i don't find anything interesting to write about, because A...all i do is eat, sit on the couch, and eat some more...and B...it's like, super hot out...so all i do is A...yea, pretty much my life.

So, since this baby was SO NOT PLANNED (But so very welcomed), i do in fact need to do something with my terrible ROOTS! I know that if this were 'PLANNED' i would've gone to my natural hair color and called it a day. Now I'm suffering from pregnant head...and it's not cute.
I went to the beauty supply at lunch...which by the way, in NY it's about 189 degrees out...and when you're pregnant...it seems THAT much HOTTER. I don't think in the 26 years of life, I've EVER been this HOT. I feel like my skin burns! ...oh yea, back to the story: so, i went to the beauty supply and i picked up Colora HENNA creme.  The box says it best: "Hair color & conditioner with natural henna, no ammonia, no peroxide.".

I was wondering if any of you ever dyed your hair while pregnant...and if so...what are your feelings about it. Have any of you ever put Henna in your hair?? I want reviews. Post away!!

On to some other news:

It's crazy! We found out a few weeks ago, but i decided to keep it a secret until we told everyone in our families. Mr. C is SOOOOOO EXCITED. He has so many plans (baseball, football, etc) for them! It's really weird, because i really do feel that every woman has intuition about what they are having, the SECOND they find out. Like, I remember finding out, and saying "I know it's a boy". Isn't that weird, scary? And when they told us, i just KNEW it.  Anyone else have the MOTHERS Sixth Sense about what they were having???

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  1. Awwww a BOY!!! So exciting!! I have a feeling I'm having a boy too..have to wait 10 more weeks to confirm, but I totally have a "mother's intuition" about it right now :)