Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Vent.

I just realized, i don't have an "about me" section in my blog. Actually, i lied. I knew i didn't write one...and I've been meaning to get to that (just like my thank you cards from our wedding...that i SO DESPERATELY need to get to...ASAP!)...but i really don't know much about myself...or i don't know what to write, to grab someones attention, to want to even read about my boring life.
The past few hours...I've started searching "BLOG CONFERENCES"...and I'm actually a little intrigued. Has anyone been to one of these? And did they find the information beneficial? I don't know about much about making a business out of my blog, but i do want to network, and find people who are as passionate about certain things (cooking, decorating on a budget, being a newlywed, etc. etc) as I am. I feel like i need to find new people, new friends (i love my old ones)...and expand my horizons (is that expression correct? Expand my horizons?).
Mr. Cole and I are the only married couple out of all of our friends. There isn't anything wrong with is a little different. We're not on the same page as everyone else anymore.  Some of my girlfriends are still in college, while others are in meaningful relationships...but marriage is no where near their future (i was always the *WIFE* kinda girl, while all my girlfriends were, well...*Girlfriend* material. Nothing more, nothing less...and they seem to like it that way).
A few weeks ago, i had expressed to Mr Cole that we should combine our bank accounts. Up until now, we have separate accounts, and pay bills on a timely matter...and we're both content with the way things are...but...when we go out...we always say "do you want to pay for it? Or, should I?"...and that kinda URKS me. We're married now. We should pay for it...together. Isn't that what marriage is supposed to be like? Mr. Cole expressed this to one of his guy friends...and his response "DUDEEEE, it's all down you're combining bank accounts!!! Don't dooo it!!!".

Sorry for the pause, i was trying to compose myself.

I HATE THAT. This is what i mean, "NOT ON THE SAME PAGE". When Mr. Cole told me what he actually made my insides turn. They just don't understand!! We're married now. What's yours is mine...type deal!...

But maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe it is good to have some type of financial independence...and have my own bank account...and spend my own money...

What do you guys think about this!?? I so desperately need some input.

(I just read my post over, and i realized i have a major case of ADD...i jumped from ONE topic to the next...sorry about that...just so much in my mind...i kinda just....EXPLODED!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everything in it's time.

Hubby and I had a nice, long, interesting weekend (What more could we ask for?)
This was the first weekend we didn't see our nephew since he was born...which was kind of sad...but it was very well needed. I was finally able to organize the basement...and donate a bunch of old clothes and shoes that were scattered everywhere since the move.

When we first moved into the house, we stored everything in the basement...and little by little, we carried things up the we needed them. We thought, this was the easiest way to avoid having a mess in the upstairs...but boy were we wrong. What ended up happening was...we would rip open boxes, move everything around for what we were looking for...which was usually at the bottom(go figure)...and then everything would be scattered all over the floor...and we would just go upstairs...and pretend like this monster wasn't growing in our basement.
Let me just was a relief to clean it out. I've been dreading it, but now that it's over...i really do feel the weight lifted off my shoulders. I don't DREAD the basement anymore. Actually...I went down there and started looking at all of the great possibilities we have, with such a space (more on that later).

I cooked a lot this weekend. Friday i made shrimp scampi with white rice and salad, Saturday (basement cleaning day), we ordered pizza (i was WAY too tired to even think about cooking). Sunday...i went to my Mom's house, and made Lasagna for my family...which by the way, came out Delish!!!
Monday (last night)...i finally figured out how to make brown rice. OK...i don't want to hear it..."BROWN RICE IS SOOOO EASY!!!"...SHUT UP! No it's not. It's actually hard...and i always end up ruining adding way too much water/too much rice/it having the worst possible consistency...ever...and me ending up just throwing it in the backyard for the birds to eat...
Last night...i finally MASTERED IT! I used 1/2 chicken stock 1/2 water for the base, and put 2 tablespoons of butter...and i think what actually made it so amazing was...i wet a paper towel...and squeezed out the excess water, and placed it between the rice and the lid...when the water was already dissolved and i lowered the heat. Hubby was LICKING HIS PLATE and asked for seconds!! I even packed our lunches with the leftovers!! YUUUMS.

This weekend, I prayed to God...for the first a VERY long time. Hubby and I have been speaking about moving to the apartment downstairs, which stirred up some arguing and just ended up with us giving eachother the silent treatment for a few hours. I hate arguing with i put it in prayer. We both made up (i still had the chip on my shouder-but i really do believe you should NEVER go to sleep angry)...and when i laid my head down, i said I loved him...and i prayed to God, silently.  When i woke up, i felt incredibly refreshed and absolutely inspired. I knew exactly what i had to do. It was like, God spoke to me in my dreams. I saw things a little clearer and I spoke to Hubby...and he agreed...and we both were happy we spoke about it...and cleared things up.

I have my reasons of why i stopped praying to god...many reasons why my relationship with him has been absent for many years. I know i shouldn't blame him...for how i felt. I just know, that he is real...and when i really need him...he is there, and he listens and he really does answer.
A goal i have this year...and hopefully...for the rest of my to try to pray more often.

In this moment...I am happy.

"It may be a time of new beginnings, a time of growth, a time of reaping the harvest of hard work, or a time of rest. Trust this beautiful order. Everything in its time".

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So...there is this couch, that i've been LUSTING over....No, i'm not kidding, i've literally...DROOOOOLED over it...for the past 9 months. A few months before the wedding when we moved into 63 Roger...I found "HER"...I found CLAUDIA...and it was LOVE at first sight!!! Knowing that the wedding was only a few months away, i knew i could not spend $1300 on a COUCH...because...COMMON...HELLO...WEDDING!!?!?

So, ever since the wedding was over...i've been secretly stalking her...every single see if she goes on sale...and TODAY...GUESS WHAT!??!! She's finally on SALE for $999! My eyes almost fell out of my head...because, just LOOK AT HER! She's beautiful. Multi Functional...leather...and she's "Pearl" make my living room look bigger...which is a total plus. And with, 2 dogs and 1 cat...leather is a MUST. All i have to convince the King to buy her. Oh, i can just see it living room would look SOOOO PRETTY!!

Does anyone else have a couch/piece of furniture that they secretly STALK!?!?! I know i'm not the only one.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

I found this on another blog and i think i'm going to try this since today is Wednesday!! ;)

01. Ice: cubed or crushed?
CRUSHED!!! I love feeling like something was almost frozen, but not quite. You know...when you put a soda bottle/water in the freezer, and take it out...JUST before it turns into a block/bottle of ice?!! Yea...i love it. Love the little itty bitty pieces floating in my cup!!

02. What is your worst traffic pet peeve?
I hate, hate, hate, when people press on their breaks, when there is absolutely no reason to break...•i.e.: steady moving traffic. Better yet, i HATE being in the car with someone who does this. I secretly want to SLAP them in the back of their heads. opps.

03. What room in your house best represents your personality?
Currently: My dining room. I love that room mainly because, we're never in it pretty much get's no use, so it's always perfectly neat/clean...just the way i left it. I love the tones(gray)...and i love how everything in their is second hand/given to me. My table was a hand-me down from my aunt's restaurant that was closed at the end of last year--with a fresh coat of spray chairs were thrift shop finds that my mom and I recovered with awesome Ikea fabric...and the picture on the wall, Mr.C's aunt gave to me as a gift...and i love how grand it is.
I basically love everything about this room.

04. Do you save old birthday cards?
Actually, I do. I keep cards that people give me...even if it's not my birthday! LOL. It's kind of a thing i've done for a long time. It's like all of the movie theater stub tickets i've had stashed away in some box...from High School. I know, weird. They do though, put a smile on my face, when i find them...=)

05. When was the last time that you went on a picnic?
Honestly, i don't think i've ever gone on a picnic. Mr. C and I have gone to get a take out lunch...and driven to a park...and either sat in the car...or sat on park benches...but i don't know if you would call that a picnic?

06. Do you regularly check our horoscope?
No, i do not. Very rarely...i'll be waiting in line at the supermarket and i'll grab a magazine and find myself checking it's been a while.

07. When you're home, what do you wear on your feet?
I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING ON MY FEET. ALWAYS. Whether it's a pair of socks, flip flops, or slippers...i am ALWAYS in something. I have this thing...i hate my feet touching cold surfaces. Well, in this case, any surface. I only take my slippers/flip flops off, when i'm about to go in the shower...but right before i step out...they are back on.

08. What is your favorite gambling game?
I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to cheap to gamble.

09. Have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
No. I don't think i will ever write something "book-worthy".

10. What is your favorite musical?
Ok...i've only been to one broadway i'd have to say "In the Heights"...well,'s the only one i've gone to...and, uh...well, it was AMAZING. I loved it. But then again, i'm sure i'll love any other musical I go to...i'm just weird like that.

Well, there it is...10 things about me. Hope all of you are having a fabulous Wednesday! For me...only 1 day until the weekend...and this is going to be a nice one, since we're off on Monday for President's Day! WOohOO. This weekend's big project : Cleaning out the basement. I will take before and after pictures. But, readers's pretty awful down there!!! ;)

Be safe.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day, Wedding.

Hi guys! Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
I attended my cousin's wedding yesterday at City Hall...and let me just was "interesting".
I have never really been inside a court house...Ok i lied...only once, to pay a parking ticket...but other than that...yesterday was my first time. I guess there is a first for everything. (check mark off my bucket list).

Before i begin with that story...Let me just say that when Mr. C and I got engaged, for the first few months...i just really wanted to go to City hall-and get it over with (the marriage part). Mainly because of my situation with my mom (& some of my family).  Looking back on our wedding day...i WOULD NOT HAVE CHANGED A SINGLE THING! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY  PERFECT. IT WAS MY OUR DAY...AND EVERYTHING WAS EXACTLY HOW I WE ENVISIONED IT. ;)

Ok, back to my cousin's wedding. So...yea...where do i start? The line was insane. YES- You actually have to WAIT IN LINE to get married. I guess everyone had the same idea "let's get married on Valentine's day" because this is OBVIOUSLY so original, RIGHT?!!?!?!?!? wait in line..and then you go find 2 Police officers at a metal you have to remove your keys and loose change from your pockets/purses etc...Did I ever mention how much i hate metal detectors??!! Well I do. When you get inside, you have to get BACK IN go to the "chapel window"...this is where you pretty much sign all the legal papers and have your witness sign...and...blah blah blah. Then they give you a guess what? WAIT IN LINE AGAIN!!!! This wait for the Judge...and when they call you, you go into this tiny, classroom size room...and then they pretty much go through the normal vows in 2 minutes...and boom..."I now pronounce you Husband and Wife"'re out the door. SO basically..we waited online 3 times (total of 3 hours)...and're out the door...and you're married.
I am so happy with our decision to get married the way we did. The court house was Cold...dingy...and smelled of stale donuts and coffee. I am so happy we were able to share that day with our closest 74 friends and family...and i was able to wear a dress, and able to walk down an aisle...Every girl dreams of that day...i don't care what anyone says...You do!!! And when you finally do is amazing!

i'm new to the blogging world, i guess i can share a few wedding snapshots!
Our ceremony and reception were held at the same place. I really liked this guest didn't have to spend all that time in the car...driving from one place to another. We had an hour for "hospitality" before the ceremony started...and then the ceremony and reception followed. No breaking in between!
 And here is our cake topper! It's Mr. C and I and our 2 dogs and 1 Cat. We love our animals so much, and wanted to include them in our why not on the cake?

Have any of you ever considered getting married at City Hall? And backed out?

Monday, February 7, 2011


This winter has been, by far...the worst winter since as far back as i can remember...EVER!! I'm starting to really HATE the cold, HATTTTTE the snow...and NO it's NOT pretty...and NO...i don't want to play in it.
Do you know how hard it get dressed in the morning? Do you know, how UNFLATTERING it wear sweaters and boots...and no I’m not talking about those CUTE sweaters, and NOT those cute boots...NO! These boots are covered in a white film from all the salt this winter...and my the sweaters I wear...are big, and I don't FREEZE my butt off when I’m walking to my car. No...I don't like HATS...not big, warm, fuzzy you know WHY?!!! Because when I get to work, my hair looks like a birds nest. NO IT IS NOT CUTE!!! My skin in dry....even after i sit and apply lotion ALL over... I can't get up, throw on a cute "summer" dress, and some cute flip flops to come to the office...UGH! Not to mention, the disgusting ice and leftover snow, that LINGERS in my front yard...while i let my dogs out to pee, and they have to do their business RIGHT DEAD CENTER of the walkway...because, UH DUH..the snow is like...2 feet tall...and UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Yea, so there. Winter!!!