Monday, February 7, 2011


This winter has been, by far...the worst winter since as far back as i can remember...EVER!! I'm starting to really HATE the cold, HATTTTTE the snow...and NO it's NOT pretty...and NO...i don't want to play in it.
Do you know how hard it get dressed in the morning? Do you know, how UNFLATTERING it wear sweaters and boots...and no I’m not talking about those CUTE sweaters, and NOT those cute boots...NO! These boots are covered in a white film from all the salt this winter...and my the sweaters I wear...are big, and I don't FREEZE my butt off when I’m walking to my car. No...I don't like HATS...not big, warm, fuzzy you know WHY?!!! Because when I get to work, my hair looks like a birds nest. NO IT IS NOT CUTE!!! My skin in dry....even after i sit and apply lotion ALL over... I can't get up, throw on a cute "summer" dress, and some cute flip flops to come to the office...UGH! Not to mention, the disgusting ice and leftover snow, that LINGERS in my front yard...while i let my dogs out to pee, and they have to do their business RIGHT DEAD CENTER of the walkway...because, UH DUH..the snow is like...2 feet tall...and UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Yea, so there. Winter!!!

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