Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day, Wedding.

Hi guys! Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
I attended my cousin's wedding yesterday at City Hall...and let me just say...it was "interesting".
I have never really been inside a court house...Ok i lied...only once, to pay a parking ticket...but other than that...yesterday was my first time. I guess there is a first for everything. (check mark off my bucket list).

Before i begin with that story...Let me just say that when Mr. C and I got engaged, for the first few months...i just really wanted to go to City hall-and get it over with (the marriage part). Mainly because of my situation with my mom (& some of my family).  Looking back on our wedding day...i WOULD NOT HAVE CHANGED A SINGLE THING! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY  PERFECT. IT WAS MY OUR DAY...AND EVERYTHING WAS EXACTLY HOW I WE ENVISIONED IT. ;)

Ok, back to my cousin's wedding. So...yea...where do i start? The line was insane. YES- You actually have to WAIT IN LINE to get married. I guess everyone had the same idea "let's get married on Valentine's day" because this is OBVIOUSLY so original, RIGHT?!!?!?!?!?

SO..you wait in line..and then you go inside..to find 2 Police officers at a metal detector...so you have to remove your keys and loose change from your pockets/purses etc...Did I ever mention how much i hate metal detectors??!! Well I do. When you get inside, you have to get BACK IN LINE...to go to the "chapel window"...this is where you pretty much sign all the legal papers and have your witness sign...and...blah blah blah. Then they give you a #...to guess what? WAIT IN LINE AGAIN!!!! This time...you wait for the Judge...and when they call you, you go into this tiny, classroom size room...and then they pretty much go through the normal vows in 2 minutes...and boom..."I now pronounce you Husband and Wife"...goodbye...you're out the door. SO basically..we waited online 3 times (total of 3 hours)...and then...you're out the door...and you're married.
I am so happy with our decision to get married the way we did. The court house was Cold...dingy...and smelled of stale donuts and coffee. I am so happy we were able to share that day with our closest 74 friends and family...and i was able to wear a dress, and able to walk down an aisle...Every girl dreams of that day...i don't care what anyone says...You do!!! And when you finally do it...it is amazing!

i'm new to the blogging world, i guess i can share a few wedding snapshots!
Our ceremony and reception were held at the same place. I really liked this idea...so guest didn't have to spend all that time in the car...driving from one place to another. We had an hour for "hospitality" before the ceremony started...and then the ceremony and reception followed. No breaking in between!
 And here is our cake topper! It's Mr. C and I and our 2 dogs and 1 Cat. We love our animals so much, and wanted to include them in our day...someway...so why not on the cake?

Have any of you ever considered getting married at City Hall? And backed out?

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  1. Thanks for checking out our blog! You have a cute blog here. Your wedding looks great. We also had a smallish wedding (65ish people?), but I did the dress, cake, reception hall, everything. Got married in the same place as the reception too. It was nice.