Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

I found this on another blog and i think i'm going to try this since today is Wednesday!! ;)

01. Ice: cubed or crushed?
CRUSHED!!! I love feeling like something was almost frozen, but not quite. You know...when you put a soda bottle/water in the freezer, and take it out...JUST before it turns into a block/bottle of ice?!! Yea...i love it. Love the little itty bitty pieces floating in my cup!!

02. What is your worst traffic pet peeve?
I hate, hate, hate, when people press on their breaks, when there is absolutely no reason to break...•i.e.: steady moving traffic. Better yet, i HATE being in the car with someone who does this. I secretly want to SLAP them in the back of their heads. opps.

03. What room in your house best represents your personality?
Currently: My dining room. I love that room mainly because, we're never in it pretty much get's no use, so it's always perfectly neat/clean...just the way i left it. I love the tones(gray)...and i love how everything in their is second hand/given to me. My table was a hand-me down from my aunt's restaurant that was closed at the end of last year--with a fresh coat of spray chairs were thrift shop finds that my mom and I recovered with awesome Ikea fabric...and the picture on the wall, Mr.C's aunt gave to me as a gift...and i love how grand it is.
I basically love everything about this room.

04. Do you save old birthday cards?
Actually, I do. I keep cards that people give me...even if it's not my birthday! LOL. It's kind of a thing i've done for a long time. It's like all of the movie theater stub tickets i've had stashed away in some box...from High School. I know, weird. They do though, put a smile on my face, when i find them...=)

05. When was the last time that you went on a picnic?
Honestly, i don't think i've ever gone on a picnic. Mr. C and I have gone to get a take out lunch...and driven to a park...and either sat in the car...or sat on park benches...but i don't know if you would call that a picnic?

06. Do you regularly check our horoscope?
No, i do not. Very rarely...i'll be waiting in line at the supermarket and i'll grab a magazine and find myself checking it's been a while.

07. When you're home, what do you wear on your feet?
I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING ON MY FEET. ALWAYS. Whether it's a pair of socks, flip flops, or slippers...i am ALWAYS in something. I have this thing...i hate my feet touching cold surfaces. Well, in this case, any surface. I only take my slippers/flip flops off, when i'm about to go in the shower...but right before i step out...they are back on.

08. What is your favorite gambling game?
I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to cheap to gamble.

09. Have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
No. I don't think i will ever write something "book-worthy".

10. What is your favorite musical?
Ok...i've only been to one broadway i'd have to say "In the Heights"...well,'s the only one i've gone to...and, uh...well, it was AMAZING. I loved it. But then again, i'm sure i'll love any other musical I go to...i'm just weird like that.

Well, there it is...10 things about me. Hope all of you are having a fabulous Wednesday! For me...only 1 day until the weekend...and this is going to be a nice one, since we're off on Monday for President's Day! WOohOO. This weekend's big project : Cleaning out the basement. I will take before and after pictures. But, readers's pretty awful down there!!! ;)

Be safe.

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