Thursday, February 17, 2011


So...there is this couch, that i've been LUSTING over....No, i'm not kidding, i've literally...DROOOOOLED over it...for the past 9 months. A few months before the wedding when we moved into 63 Roger...I found "HER"...I found CLAUDIA...and it was LOVE at first sight!!! Knowing that the wedding was only a few months away, i knew i could not spend $1300 on a COUCH...because...COMMON...HELLO...WEDDING!!?!?

So, ever since the wedding was over...i've been secretly stalking her...every single see if she goes on sale...and TODAY...GUESS WHAT!??!! She's finally on SALE for $999! My eyes almost fell out of my head...because, just LOOK AT HER! She's beautiful. Multi Functional...leather...and she's "Pearl" make my living room look bigger...which is a total plus. And with, 2 dogs and 1 cat...leather is a MUST. All i have to convince the King to buy her. Oh, i can just see it living room would look SOOOO PRETTY!!

Does anyone else have a couch/piece of furniture that they secretly STALK!?!?! I know i'm not the only one.


  1. It is a beautiful piece of furniture! I also stalked my couch (before buying it w/o tell my hubby - whoops!). I also stalk and visit expensive shoes!! :)

  2. Mallory! You just made my day by commenting/following me!! HAHA. I just started this blog, and i'm hoping it whomever is interested in my little life. LOL...Thanks for the comment...and Yes, i stalk furniture and SHOES...and purses too!! :(