Thursday, March 31, 2011

Browsing through some blogs today, and found a few interesting/cool things:
This could really come in handy when you're at the store with your baby alone...and have to pee. LOL, where would you even put them while you're actually using the restroom? Never thought of this...but I'm sure this is a great invention!!

Oh, and this! How cool is this? I'm so tired of having my necklaces tangled up...because i never put them away at the end of the day. It's just a simple piece of wood/twig...bolted to the wall!! awesome.

Well, that's all for now. Have you guys found some cool things on blogs/web recently? Please share!!

Flea findings (Part 1)

Ok, is the thing. My name is Cole, and I’m a Flea Market-holic.
Yes...if there was ever a person, who is absolutely infatuated/obsessed with a flea market...that would be me.
The weather is starting to heat up here in NY (we're in the 40's and 50's) that means, FLEA MARKET SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!! I've already gone twice, and I’ve decided that from now on...I’m going to share with all of you my findings (since some of them are so awesome, I need to share with SOMEONE!!) I usually go to the flea market with about 30 bucks in my pocket, and come out with a gazillion things. Last weekend, for instance...I picked up 2 big matching planters for the front of the house. They are actually made of plastic (which is way better than terracotta, because it wont chip/crack), and i love them. When I get home, I’m going to take pics of them (i promise)! They look a little empty...for now, since the weather isn't nice enough for me to start planting...but once i fill them with some lovely greens...they are going to look awesome greeting my guest at the door. They are so very grand...and for $12! I couldn't resist.
Then, i found a chandelier for $7!!!!! YES!! You got that right, a SEVEN DOLLAR CHANDELIER!!! Ugh, i wish i was home, so I can take pics to show off!! Its so pretty, and i know exactly where it's going to go!! My bedroom!  I also got a Authentic Chloe purse, for 9 bucks!!! Can you believe that!!!??!!

I've decided I’m going to start a weekly "FLEA FINDS" blog...about what I find every weekend! And when I get home, I’m going to take pics of all the things I got last weekend.
I am so excited it's Thursday, because that means, only 2 more days till i get to go back!! ;) Do any of you frequent any flea markets in your area?? What are some of your findings?! I’m dying to know (and compare!)!! :)

Hope you all have a great day! =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dog Run

I've been thinking a lot about the house, and what we're going to do to make it "PET FRIENDLY". I'm really big on my dogs...and want them to have a safe place to run...and by safe, i enclosed area where they are 100% designated to...and NOT ON MY FRONT YARD, where they (by they i mean, Bailey-our larger dog of the 2) love to just stomp all over my newly planted grass/flowers...and PEE on every blade of grass (My little one, Sebastian has this issue. He literally LIFTS his legs about 26 times before he decides it's time to come in...even if nothing comes out!).

We have a very narrow area, between the basement door and the neighbors yard...and this is by the garbage we've decided this is a good place for them. Currently, it is not fenced in...but in the near future we want to do this. It has red rocks/gravel...that i would like to put either big stepping give them areas to rest, so they are comfortable...and keep some gravel, so that we can keep it odor free (urine in the summer months is NOT fun!) with proper drainage.

I have to take some photos of our area...but this is what we would like it to eventually look like :

I'm pretty sure that other people are struggling with this same issue, and if you are, and have a solution to what type of material we should put down, that is obviously cost efficient and effective...let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, i think it's finally over.
I think...we're actually heading towards a relaxing spring...and an even better summer.
My life has been on fast forward since June 2009, when we got engaged. My sister-in-law was engaged a few months before me (Dec 08), and planned her wedding 23 days before mine, so it was one thing after another. Then, she found out she was prego...and was due in January...and that was another thing to plan for (bridal shower, bridal shower, wedding, wedding, baby shower, baby)...and now..after this weekend, for baby's baptism......i think our family is DONE with party planning...for a while (well, until baby's first birthday).
I'm feeling a little relieved. It's all over...and i feel like maybe, just maybe...i can start being a little bit more crafty...and a little bit more involved in my home decorating. I'm loving the fact that the weather is heating up (well, it's suppose to snow on Thursday...but not as much snow as we've seen in the past) and i'll be able to paint outdoors...and open my windows!!!

i have a few projects lined i'm excited to share them all with you!! ;-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

I am officially a Godmother to a beautiful baby boy!!!
Yesterday, our nephew (our first) was baptized and my sister in law and brother in law choose my husband and I to be the Godparents. We are beyond thrilled that they choose us, since this is such a great experience to have shared...and to have witnessed.

I can't believe how much this baby has changed our Family (my husband’s side). Everyone seems to be so much closer...and happier, and I've never seen Mr. Cole light up the way he does when he sees him. I am so lucky to have found such a great man, and one day, I know we will make such an amazing family.

Being in Church made me feel something....Made me feel like I’m missing something.  Like there is a VOID.  I know i have not shared much about my life/upbringing....but I am very confused about religion at this moment in my life. I know that when we have children, I would want them to have faith in something...and believe in something...I’ve just been jaded my whole life.  I grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness family (just my mom and brother)...and I’m just a little skeptical about "religion"...

I believe in god and i believe that there is someone there, and I pray to him all of the time, and he helps me be a better wife, and a better person....I just don't know where to turn…Or where to start.

It never hit me like it did yesterday, to see everyone in a church...and I started to think....what is going to happen to our children...and what are they going to believe in? I'm extremely torn....

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today is my birthday, and I'm not feeling quite, birthday-ish. For some reason...26 sounds so much older than 25...and I DON'T like it. I don't like it one bit!!!!
This year has been so great to me...between marring my husband and moving/buying our first home...but "Exhausted" is a better word to describe it. All in all... everything is still going according to my plan and I'm exactly where i wanted to be at this age...and exactly...where i should be.
Happy Birthday to me!!

And now for the ABC's, I found this over at Becky's (*The Details are in the Fabric*) page!!

A - Age: 26 (AHH!)
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: dishes.
D - Dogs: I have two. Sebastian Charles (Yorkie-poo, 11 years young), and Bailey Fox (Mix breed-5 years young).
E - Essential start to your day: Letting the dogs out and COFFEE!! (OMG, Becky and I are soooo similar!!!)
F - Favorite color: turquoise
G - Gold or Silver: Silver/white gold! ;)
H - Height: About 5'5"ish
I - Instruments you play: As a child i played the violin and the flute (but i honestly don't remember how to play either of them...haven't touched either one since i was about 15)
J - Job Title: Program Analyst
K - Kids: None yet. Maybe one day! (Same as Becky!)
L - Live: Long Island (NY)
M - Mom's name: Francia
N - Nickname: Nic, Nikky, & Niks, and most recently Titi (short for auntie in spanish!)
O - Overnight hospital stays: Never...i'm petrofied of hospitals.
P - Pet Peeve - where do i begin!!!??!! My biggest pet peve with my hubby is him shaving and not cleaning the sink afterwards!! >=-0
Q - Quote from a movie: [Charlotte York to Big] I curse the day you were born! (S&TC the Movie)
R - Right/Left: Right.
S - Siblings - Older brother Michael.
T - Time you wake up: My alarm is set for 5:30, but i snooze till about 6:05, or whenever the dogs decide it's time to wake up (on weekends they are my alarm clock)
U - Underwear: Victoria's Secret, low rise thongs (most comfy).
V - Veggies you dislike: Eggplant....ewg!
W - What makes you run late: I'm always late...
X - Xrays you've had: Teeth
Y - Yummy food you make: I'm actually pretty good at anything...hehe
Z - Zoo animal: Leapords :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nothing to Report

I am in the market to buy a DSLR. I can't spend more than $500 ( i know, not much). Does anyone have any pointers? I could sure use some.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can't hardly wait.

So...i did it. I finally purchased my duvet and euro shams from West Elm Yesterday....After swooning (or "stalking" as i like to call it) over them for the past 3 months...they finally went ON $ALE! would "Think" it would be so easy to just go on the website and Purchase! WRONG.
I went on the website...and i could hardly contain myself! I went to the picture, added a full/queen duvet (check), then i added the two euro shams (check, check)...and i was on my way to checkout...when...THEY DIDN'T APPEAR IN MY SHOPPING CART! So i thought..."oh FUDGE, probably a mix up"...right? WRONG.
After trying to put them in my cart for 2 hours...i finally decided to call WE and see what was going on with their BUGGED site.
The lady that helped me was really nice. She said (after many clicks on her keyboard)..."oh so sorry, we're out of them!" -----what do you mean? you're OUT of them? It says on the website they are there!!! And i want it...NOW!! "Yea, see..this item has been discontinued." i can't believe it...the one thing I've had my eye on for months...was now...discontinued. :(
Then she said "'s showing that it's discontinued online, but if you give me your name and number...i will call a few stores and see if they have any left on in stock". So...after i literally had to put my heart back in my chest...i said..."oh, ok" like a little 4 year old...kicking dirt in the air. I was really upset about it...I knew i should have purchased it when i saw really wasn't a terrible price to begin with...but...i just didn't know if i could buy another sheet set for my bed...but this one was *PERFECT*...the colors...and the design...SO "ME".  I knew she'd call me back...and tell me that she was sorry...and that they don't have anymore...and yadda yadda.

 At around 7:30 pm...i get a phone call from the west elm in Cali...and they say...THEY HAVE MY DUVET...and THEY can SHIP IT TO ME...AND THAT IT WAS THE LAST ONE...AND IT WAS THE FLOOR SAMPLE...double discount! SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

so...yea, i can't wait to get my babies home...and on my bed!!! ;)

Just thought I'd share that with you all. Don't you hate it when you want something so bad...and it gets -----DISCONTINUED!!!?!!!??!

My first Link Party!

I did it! I finally did it!! I linked up with Not JUST A Housewife!

YAY!!! This is my first real attempt to gain new followers!! So if you're here...and you found me...don't forget to show some love...and send me comments...and FOLLOW ME!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1 of getting organized.

I've been secretly stalking some blogs recently, that seem to all have the same "trend" going on. Everyone is organizing their cabinets/pantry's. SO...this weekend...i decided to do just that!  Since, "being more organized" is definitely one of my resolutions for this year...i thought to myself..."why not start here!?!" I'm not quite done yet...but i did start...and I'd like to share with you...what I've done so far. These are cell phone quality pics...sorry, i just got "into" it...and didn't have time to go grab the camera.

I'd like to first say...i really enjoy stalking checking out some blogs. They're really starting to inspire me to get more crafty. I like this side of me (the crafter). I love working with my hands, and i love getting compliments on my work...although...i really don't think this project was one of my BEST's definitely a start. It started those creative juices flowing...and now...i can't wait to do something else. Next on my to do list: the JUNK DRAWER!!

Honestly... for this project...i got these inexpensive glass jars at a store in my town called Amazing Savings. It's a cute little store with a bunch of awesome things...and everything is really cheap! I got these glass jars for $1.49 each!!! I couldn't pass them i got 6 of them (i only used 4 of the 6...but i know the other 2 will come in handy!) and i knew exactly what i was going to do with them!! I like glass...because i feel like odor doesn't stick to i can re-use for something else...when i run out of what is in it.
I cleaned the jars and dried with a paper towel...then i filled them with whatever i had (rice/brown rice/flour etc). Then i took some card stock (that i had leftover from my sister in laws bridal shower)...used a glass to make a circle, cut it out...and used my label maker to make labels. Next...i popped holes in them and tied a ribbon around the neck...and..DONE!
It was soooooo super easy to do!! I really love them. I want to get scooper's for them that it's easier to remove it's contents...but we will most likely get to that one day.
I really like the vinyl ones everyone is making, but i don't have the i had to improvise.
Hope you like!

some wedding pictures.

I really love looking at our wedding pictures. I still can't believe, it's all over!!! :( I secretly wish we could get married ALL OVER AGAIN...just to re-live these beautiful moments:

I really can't say it enough. My (Our) day...was exactly what i had envisioned in my head. It was perfect, in every single way. The weather was in the low 70s (PERFECT)....the sun set...exactly as we said our "i do's"...and i married my best friend.

To my husband, whom I adore....
"My greatest good fortune in a life of brilliant experiences has been to find you, and to lead my life with you." - Winston Churchill