Monday, March 21, 2011

I am officially a Godmother to a beautiful baby boy!!!
Yesterday, our nephew (our first) was baptized and my sister in law and brother in law choose my husband and I to be the Godparents. We are beyond thrilled that they choose us, since this is such a great experience to have shared...and to have witnessed.

I can't believe how much this baby has changed our Family (my husband’s side). Everyone seems to be so much closer...and happier, and I've never seen Mr. Cole light up the way he does when he sees him. I am so lucky to have found such a great man, and one day, I know we will make such an amazing family.

Being in Church made me feel something....Made me feel like I’m missing something.  Like there is a VOID.  I know i have not shared much about my life/upbringing....but I am very confused about religion at this moment in my life. I know that when we have children, I would want them to have faith in something...and believe in something...I’ve just been jaded my whole life.  I grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness family (just my mom and brother)...and I’m just a little skeptical about "religion"...

I believe in god and i believe that there is someone there, and I pray to him all of the time, and he helps me be a better wife, and a better person....I just don't know where to turn…Or where to start.

It never hit me like it did yesterday, to see everyone in a church...and I started to think....what is going to happen to our children...and what are they going to believe in? I'm extremely torn....


  1. I don't necessarily think you need to worry about finding the right religion to bring your children up in. As long as they know what you believe and what your morals are, that's most important :) They will eventually find their own way.

  2. Congratulations on becoming a Godmother! How exciting! Also, thanks for your nice comments on my blog and becoming my newest follower! I am not a follower of yours as well :-)

  3. I mean *now* a follower, I accidently wrote not hahaha, I've had a long day!

  4. Just saw this comment, sorry i'm a little late "THANK YOU" =)