Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can't hardly wait.

So...i did it. I finally purchased my duvet and euro shams from West Elm Yesterday....After swooning (or "stalking" as i like to call it) over them for the past 3 months...they finally went ON $ALE! would "Think" it would be so easy to just go on the website and Purchase! WRONG.
I went on the website...and i could hardly contain myself! I went to the picture, added a full/queen duvet (check), then i added the two euro shams (check, check)...and i was on my way to checkout...when...THEY DIDN'T APPEAR IN MY SHOPPING CART! So i thought..."oh FUDGE, probably a mix up"...right? WRONG.
After trying to put them in my cart for 2 hours...i finally decided to call WE and see what was going on with their BUGGED site.
The lady that helped me was really nice. She said (after many clicks on her keyboard)..."oh so sorry, we're out of them!" -----what do you mean? you're OUT of them? It says on the website they are there!!! And i want it...NOW!! "Yea, see..this item has been discontinued." i can't believe it...the one thing I've had my eye on for months...was now...discontinued. :(
Then she said "'s showing that it's discontinued online, but if you give me your name and number...i will call a few stores and see if they have any left on in stock". So...after i literally had to put my heart back in my chest...i said..."oh, ok" like a little 4 year old...kicking dirt in the air. I was really upset about it...I knew i should have purchased it when i saw really wasn't a terrible price to begin with...but...i just didn't know if i could buy another sheet set for my bed...but this one was *PERFECT*...the colors...and the design...SO "ME".  I knew she'd call me back...and tell me that she was sorry...and that they don't have anymore...and yadda yadda.

 At around 7:30 pm...i get a phone call from the west elm in Cali...and they say...THEY HAVE MY DUVET...and THEY can SHIP IT TO ME...AND THAT IT WAS THE LAST ONE...AND IT WAS THE FLOOR SAMPLE...double discount! SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

so...yea, i can't wait to get my babies home...and on my bed!!! ;)

Just thought I'd share that with you all. Don't you hate it when you want something so bad...and it gets -----DISCONTINUED!!!?!!!??!


  1. I can see why you fell in love with the bedding - it's gorgeous!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog re: my Kitchen Makeover and for the new follow - made me smile!

    For our kitchen cabinets, we used black stain. 2 coats of it. I know that Centsational Girl has a really good post or two on painting surfaces other than wood (laminate, dry erase etc.) so you should definitely check it out if you have a different type of finish on the inside of your cabinetry.

    You have a beautiful blog ... I'm gonna follow you too! Love to see what you do next!

  2. Yay! Yes, I have done that too many times to count - stalked something until it vanishes from the global market.