Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dog Run

I've been thinking a lot about the house, and what we're going to do to make it "PET FRIENDLY". I'm really big on my dogs...and want them to have a safe place to run...and by safe, i enclosed area where they are 100% designated to...and NOT ON MY FRONT YARD, where they (by they i mean, Bailey-our larger dog of the 2) love to just stomp all over my newly planted grass/flowers...and PEE on every blade of grass (My little one, Sebastian has this issue. He literally LIFTS his legs about 26 times before he decides it's time to come in...even if nothing comes out!).

We have a very narrow area, between the basement door and the neighbors yard...and this is by the garbage we've decided this is a good place for them. Currently, it is not fenced in...but in the near future we want to do this. It has red rocks/gravel...that i would like to put either big stepping give them areas to rest, so they are comfortable...and keep some gravel, so that we can keep it odor free (urine in the summer months is NOT fun!) with proper drainage.

I have to take some photos of our area...but this is what we would like it to eventually look like :

I'm pretty sure that other people are struggling with this same issue, and if you are, and have a solution to what type of material we should put down, that is obviously cost efficient and effective...let me know. I would really appreciate it.

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  1. Oh I'm a dog lover too! I have a huge 140lb Chocolate Lab and would also like a space for him in the yard to roam free. (And to protect the rest of my yard too, because it is NOT fun to step in his HUGE do-do).

    I'll have watch what people say as well.