Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1 of getting organized.

I've been secretly stalking some blogs recently, that seem to all have the same "trend" going on. Everyone is organizing their cabinets/pantry's. SO...this weekend...i decided to do just that!  Since, "being more organized" is definitely one of my resolutions for this year...i thought to myself..."why not start here!?!" I'm not quite done yet...but i did start...and I'd like to share with you...what I've done so far. These are cell phone quality pics...sorry, i just got "into" it...and didn't have time to go grab the camera.

I'd like to first say...i really enjoy stalking checking out some blogs. They're really starting to inspire me to get more crafty. I like this side of me (the crafter). I love working with my hands, and i love getting compliments on my work...although...i really don't think this project was one of my BEST things...it's definitely a start. It started those creative juices flowing...and now...i can't wait to do something else. Next on my to do list: the JUNK DRAWER!!

Honestly... for this project...i got these inexpensive glass jars at a store in my town called Amazing Savings. It's a cute little store with a bunch of awesome things...and everything is really cheap! I got these glass jars for $1.49 each!!! I couldn't pass them up...so i got 6 of them (i only used 4 of the 6...but i know the other 2 will come in handy!) and i knew exactly what i was going to do with them!! I like glass...because i feel like odor doesn't stick to them...so i can re-use for something else...when i run out of what is in it.
I cleaned the jars and dried with a paper towel...then i filled them with whatever i had (rice/brown rice/flour etc). Then i took some card stock (that i had leftover from my sister in laws bridal shower)...used a glass to make a circle, cut it out...and used my label maker to make labels. Next...i popped holes in them and tied a ribbon around the neck...and..DONE!
It was soooooo super easy to do!! I really love them. I want to get scooper's for them ...so that it's easier to remove it's contents...but we will most likely get to that one day.
I really like the vinyl ones everyone is making, but i don't have the cricut..so i had to improvise.
Hope you like!

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