Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aj's "Preppy" Baptism Lunch

So this post is really old, but i thought i'd share it with you anyways...since i have a few minutes to spare.
A little *FUN (if you want to call it that) Fact* about me before we get started: My family (Mom's side) are Jehovah's Witnesses. I was born and raised one, until about 19 years old. When i moved on my own (20 years old), my decision was to not really have a religion. I DO believe in God, and i DO pray every single night...but i do not label myself as anything. Maybe right now isn't really the time to get deep into this discussion...let's just say: I have faith, and i believe that there is a higher power, but i do not affiliate myself with any one religion. With that being said, My husband was born and raised Catholic. He was an alter boy as a child. He doesn't really attend church-but he does have faith...(Very much like me). When we got married, i really wanted to have a civil ceremony, due to the fact that my family would probably NOT attend if if i had any other type of ceremony. I also did it for myself. I wouldn't feel comfortable  having someone marry me...that wasn't a judge. It's the way i was raised, and it's ingrained in me.  I was very happy with that decision, and i was very happy that my husband supported me. This was very important to me.

We had made the decision to get married by a judge, but my husband had asked me that when we had children, he would like them to be Baptised Catholic.  He respected my wishes and i respected his.  It's something we had decided a long time before, so it just so happened to have worked out for us.  I didn't include my family (the JW's) in the celebration of Aj's Baptism---simply because they probably wouldn't have attended. It's as simple as that. I didn't even let them know, because i would rather not get into that discussion with them. It's a personal choice.
OK, so the celebration was very small. Only 23 people were invited...and i am very happy all of Aj's closest friends and some family were there to celebrate this special day with Aj and Us!  
I wanted to go with a preppy theme. Green and Navy. I put this party together in less than 9 days, and i think it actually came out pretty cute, considering.  We held it at a local pizzeria/restaurant.

What do you think?
Excuse the photo quality, I'm still learning how to use my DSLR!

I purchased Burlap at Joanne's Fabric for 1.49 a yard. Ironed it and used some stitch witchery to mend the they weren't frayed.

Purchased wine bottle labels off ETSY...and they were a *BIG* hit. The restaurant allowed us to bring our own bottles, which saved us $$!

My centerpieces doubled as favors. Basil plants, which i purchased at Lowe's 2 days before the event on sale for $1.50!!!

The labels for the plants were also purchased on ETSY!

We ordered a cake from our local bakery, and they pretty much nailed it with the color BLUE/GREEN! Wasn't crazy about the design...but the cake was so didn't really matter!

on everyone's plate, they got a HERSHEY bar (Also purchased from ETSY)....and they were SOOO CUTE! They went PERFECT with the decor!

Those are all the pics i have right now on my comp! Hubby and i matched the party with our preppy outfits!

What do you guys think?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I love, 4 months.

The last month (April and some of May), Aj is more aware of his surroundings. He's Laughing a lot! He has started to baby babble (he talks to himself, and it's by far the CUTEST!). He figured out he has feet, and his hands are in his mouth, 24/7.
He's actually starting to watch television (Ugh, i was one of those Moms that said "my baby is never going to watch Tv"...but NOW look at me!).
He is still not sitting up on his own, but tripods...and he's still not rolling over on his own-but almostttt...(i keep thinking something is wrong with him that he's not doing it yet, but i've come to the conclusion, he will-when he's ready). We've started him on solids...cereal, and more recently some veggies/fruits...and to top it all off, he's started teething. The past month in a half is by far the most he's done his entire life. He used to just *sit/lay* there...and not move...and cry a whole lot...Now, he's actually, a baby. He's smiling, he's responding to me, and when he cries, i usually know what's wrong-either he's hungry, tired, or bored (sometimes, maybe all 3). He has different cries, and he's starting to whine a little-not necessarily crying but more of a whine.
The past month, i have a few things that have helped me...and a few that didn't so much.

Aj is usually really good in the car. As long as he is fed, and not in any sort of teething pain-he usually enjoys a nice car ride (sometimes he actually ends up falling asleep-which is always A PLUS!). I always put his toys in with him-and i can see him with my rearview baby mirror, looking out the window---or *Pulling* (This is another NEW thing he does this month) his Bright Starts Blue bird. I got mine at walmart for a few bucks, but it has been a great addition to his car seat---and no matter how many times he sees this thing- even when he's upset, all you have to do is pull the string-and he's instantly over it-and starts playing/pulling.
It vibrates when you pull, and the first time he ever grabbed on to it, i almost cried. It was really cute to see him actually do something---that wasn't just cry or spit up!
I give this (or any other car seat toy), 2 thumbs up!

Another toy that he actually really likes is his Bright Starts Lots of Links. These are the cheapest toys i've ever seen, and there is nothing really fancy about them---other than bright colors and linking together. You can also dangle them from the car seat, or just give to them to play. I usually do both.  Babies love bright colors!! I really like putting him in the high chair, and i put them on the tray and i watch him grab them and play, put them in his mouth. Lots of them have some little points, rough edges- which must feel nice since he's theething. Again, these are super *cheap* toys---and he absolutely loves them. You can find them at Target or Walmart, or even on amazon. I'd rather go to the store though, so you don't have to pay for shipping...but again, these things are 5 stars in my book. You can link them together and make a really long chain, or let him hold on to one...keeps the kid busy for about 15 minutes...which is amazing!

I've been using this for a few months now---it was a hand me down from my SIL...but i absolutely love it! It's the Fisher-Price My little Lamb Deluxe Infant SeatFisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat . I usually put this on the bathroom floor while i shower...or on the floor when i'm cooking dinner/cleaning the dishes etc. It folds completely flat, so that it travels nice for trips to grandma's or the baby sitter. I know this doesn't really help with learning to sit up, but i prefer this to the bumbo. Not that i don' t like the bumbo, but since Aj has a spit up problem (he spits up all the time)i'd rather not put pressure on his tummy---he is able to just lay back. In the bumbo he always spits up since he's sitting up....and putting pressure on his stomach.  Love this chair, even when feeding him cereal---it's not as hard as the high chair-but has a nice slant. I'm going to be a sad mommy when he grows out of this =(

Aj is on a schedule (he has been since he's 4 weeks old). We (depends on who's day it is) bathe him, give him his nightly massage, put him in his Pj's, and i nurse him while i read to him. Every night for the past twenty something weeks, i've been reading this book to him (On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman)

And EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. I cry. No joke, I literally shed tears, every single night.
The first page just gets to me Every time. 
"On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, "life will never be the same."  Because there had never been anyone like you...ever in the world."

Omg, i'm about to start crying now!!
I was given this as a shower gift from a friend---and she wrote something inside with permanent marker---and i read it everyday! I love this book, and whoever is having a baby next---i'm GOING to give this to you!! Love, LOVE, L O V E it.

And i guess, this should be a post all by itself...since i kinda love this, and i'm a copy cat (bc if any of you are bloggers/blog readers, you've definitely seen this): Monthly Baby Onesie stickers ! Ok, i first saw this on YHL and i loved it. BUT, i didn't have photoshop...nor did i have the time to sit on a computer to actually edit this made life a little easier. They are great since they don't get messed up with drool/vomit-which Aj seems to do pretty often...and i guess, it's a *knock off* of the YHL version...just easier. All you do is, peel-stick on a white onesie, and you're done...take pics and --TA-DAH!...
Easy peasy.

Anywhos, those are some things i've been using the past few weeks/month---how about you guys? Anything that you absolutely LOVE for babies between the ages of 3-5 months? Please share? How about things for 5-8? I need help!

The boy is teething, already! :*(

I know I'm a few days late on this post (OK, I'm a little backed up! Cut me some slack, it's hard out there for a MOM!)....

YES! He's teething. On Thursday night (May 17th, 5 months 2 days old), Aj got his FIRST TOOTH---bottom right! And, by Saturday---the second tooth already started to peek through! At first, I was like "oh my baby is awesome, doesn't even CRY! He's so pleasant, he's going to be a *teething trooper*"...I was wrong. By Saturday, my ears were ringing, and i was still in Pj's at 8pm...FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE!
Teething is a real PAIN IN THE--YOU KNOW WHAT!! Ugh. My pooooor baby. My poooor ears!
So i ordered him the Baltic Amber Teething necklace and it came in the mail yesterday, so I'm hoping it works (Trying out the *hippie* approach)....
Anyone have any other remedy's? I've given him Ibuprofen (but it just wears off rather quickly), rubbed his gums with a cold wash cloth, he has Sophie the teething toy, but to no avail, the kid is screaming. He doesn't look like he's in much pain, but he's definitely CRANKY!!  And the drooling---is ridiculous. His t-shirts are sopping wet within 5 minutes of putting on a new one.
Anyone try the Humphrey's or the Hyland's teething tablets? I've been reading a lot about them---and I'm a little hesitant due to recall from the Belladonna....and i am by no means a psycho hippy mom, but when you start researching-you find that Belladonna is poison...and as much as I'd like to soothe my baby, idk if i want to feed him tiny traces of poison! I mean, idk. Anyone else have concerns? Am i the only crazy Mom.
Well, he has his teething necklace on Today, let's hope hubby is able to deal with him while I'm at work.
I want to add a bunch of pics from my phone, but it's acting really RETARDED for some reason and wont let me email them to I'll just leave you with a pic of my boy's sleeping on Sunday!

aren't they the cutest?! Ugh. Love my boys SO MUCH!
OK once i figure out what's wrong with my phone, i will also post about my first Mother's day!

Hopefully i can figure this out without having to call the phone company! Ugh!
Hope everyone is having a great day!