Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The boy is teething, already! :*(

I know I'm a few days late on this post (OK, I'm a little backed up! Cut me some slack, it's hard out there for a MOM!)....

YES! He's teething. On Thursday night (May 17th, 5 months 2 days old), Aj got his FIRST TOOTH---bottom right! And, by Saturday---the second tooth already started to peek through! At first, I was like "oh my baby is awesome, doesn't even CRY! He's so pleasant, he's going to be a *teething trooper*"...I was wrong. By Saturday, my ears were ringing, and i was still in Pj's at 8pm...FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE!
Teething is a real PAIN IN THE--YOU KNOW WHAT!! Ugh. My pooooor baby. My poooor ears!
So i ordered him the Baltic Amber Teething necklace and it came in the mail yesterday, so I'm hoping it works (Trying out the *hippie* approach)....
Anyone have any other remedy's? I've given him Ibuprofen (but it just wears off rather quickly), rubbed his gums with a cold wash cloth, he has Sophie the teething toy, but to no avail, the kid is screaming. He doesn't look like he's in much pain, but he's definitely CRANKY!!  And the drooling---is ridiculous. His t-shirts are sopping wet within 5 minutes of putting on a new one.
Anyone try the Humphrey's or the Hyland's teething tablets? I've been reading a lot about them---and I'm a little hesitant due to recall from the Belladonna....and i am by no means a psycho hippy mom, but when you start researching-you find that Belladonna is poison...and as much as I'd like to soothe my baby, idk if i want to feed him tiny traces of poison! I mean, idk. Anyone else have concerns? Am i the only crazy Mom.
Well, he has his teething necklace on Today, let's hope hubby is able to deal with him while I'm at work.
I want to add a bunch of pics from my phone, but it's acting really RETARDED for some reason and wont let me email them to myself...so I'll just leave you with a pic of my boy's sleeping on Sunday!

aren't they the cutest?! Ugh. Love my boys SO MUCH!
OK once i figure out what's wrong with my phone, i will also post about my first Mother's day!

Hopefully i can figure this out without having to call the phone company! Ugh!
Hope everyone is having a great day! 

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