Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Vent.

I just realized, i don't have an "about me" section in my blog. Actually, i lied. I knew i didn't write one...and I've been meaning to get to that (just like my thank you cards from our wedding...that i SO DESPERATELY need to get to...ASAP!)...but i really don't know much about myself...or i don't know what to write, to grab someones attention, to want to even read about my boring life.
The past few hours...I've started searching "BLOG CONFERENCES"...and I'm actually a little intrigued. Has anyone been to one of these? And did they find the information beneficial? I don't know about much about making a business out of my blog, but i do want to network, and find people who are as passionate about certain things (cooking, decorating on a budget, being a newlywed, etc. etc) as I am. I feel like i need to find new people, new friends (i love my old ones)...and expand my horizons (is that expression correct? Expand my horizons?).
Mr. Cole and I are the only married couple out of all of our friends. There isn't anything wrong with is a little different. We're not on the same page as everyone else anymore.  Some of my girlfriends are still in college, while others are in meaningful relationships...but marriage is no where near their future (i was always the *WIFE* kinda girl, while all my girlfriends were, well...*Girlfriend* material. Nothing more, nothing less...and they seem to like it that way).
A few weeks ago, i had expressed to Mr Cole that we should combine our bank accounts. Up until now, we have separate accounts, and pay bills on a timely matter...and we're both content with the way things are...but...when we go out...we always say "do you want to pay for it? Or, should I?"...and that kinda URKS me. We're married now. We should pay for it...together. Isn't that what marriage is supposed to be like? Mr. Cole expressed this to one of his guy friends...and his response "DUDEEEE, it's all down you're combining bank accounts!!! Don't dooo it!!!".

Sorry for the pause, i was trying to compose myself.

I HATE THAT. This is what i mean, "NOT ON THE SAME PAGE". When Mr. Cole told me what he actually made my insides turn. They just don't understand!! We're married now. What's yours is mine...type deal!...

But maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe it is good to have some type of financial independence...and have my own bank account...and spend my own money...

What do you guys think about this!?? I so desperately need some input.

(I just read my post over, and i realized i have a major case of ADD...i jumped from ONE topic to the next...sorry about that...just so much in my mind...i kinda just....EXPLODED!)


  1. You are too funny! I know exactly what you mean about EVERYTHING that you just wrote! We are not the only ones of our friends who are married, but we are the only ones without kids and things are different! We are in a different stage, so it is the same thing! As far as blogging to meet new people, that is why I started! It has worked well so far and I hope it gets better! I love meeting new people and this is a great avenue to do so! As far as the bank accounts go, we have separate accounts and a joint account (but both of our names are on all of them). That way, money can be transferred between accounts when necessary, but like you said, everything is OURS now, no more yours and mine. It is MUCH easier to me!

  2. Becky, thanks for the advice!!!! Spoke to the hubs about it...and we're goign to get a joint and keep our seperate accounts. :)