Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekly Pregnancy Highlight

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 14 weeks preggo (Tomorrow i'll be 15), which means my Due date is Dec 23rd.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of last doctor's visit (June 8th) i have gained 5 lbs. Tomorrow is my next we will see how many more i've gained!!! Yikes.
Maternity Clothes: Yes...i've inherited lots of clothes from my cousin-so i haven't really had to buy any...all of my jeans are maternity so far...and i'm sure i can fit into my 'Fat' jeans...but i'm not going to lie, maternity clothes are really comfy. It's like wearing pj's...except...jeans. And no one really notices the extra elastic. Mine aren't the really hight waisted elastic, just the band it's pretty descrete.
Sleep: I'm not sleeping as much as i used to. I toss and turn a lot...and i wake up all the time to use the bathroom. Thank godness we have a bathroom in the same room...because if i had to go all the way downstairs, i would invest in a bed pan (HAHAHA, just kidding-that's pretty gross)
Best Moment this week: This is not pregnancy related...but i totally loved the fact that my uncle and hubby power washed my deck!!! Looks brand new. This weekend we (meaning, hubby) are going to paint it to prevent mildew and splinters. Yay for 4 day weekends. :)
Gender: We're not sure yet...but i'm thinking we might see something tomorrow. Hubby isn't really sure what he wants...he originally said "girl" and now he's going "boy"....i honestly don't have a preferance. Our nephew was born last year around the same if it's a boy, we get lots of hand me downs---so that's a plus...but GIRLS are just sooooo cute to dress up!!

Movement: i haven't really felt anything...i keep thinking i do...but not sure what it feels like...we will see.
Food Cravings: I haven't really had a crazy craving for anything...i'm just eating a lot more than i'm trying to stay pretty health. I've gotton pretty lazy and haven't wanted to cook...but i'm forcing myself...since i know it's the healthiest choice.
Food Aversions: Pre-pregnancy-i was a big Dorito fan...and now, i can't even smell them. Isn't that weird?

How i'm feeling: I'm pretty complaints. Well, ok, i lied... my back is actually starting to bother a sharp pain in my lower back. It comes and goes, but mostly when i sit, or lay for long periods of time.
What I am looking forward to: actually LOOKING and FEELING pregnant. I just feel really bloated...and i'm looking forward to feeling kicks for the first time. Since i  haven't had any crazy symptoms...this will make it SUPER REAL.
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: 
A lemon! Last week i was a peach...and a few days ago...i went to the fruit store and bought both (peaches and lemons)-and they were pretty much the same size...if not...the peach was bigger. Weird.

Weekly Thoughts:
Thinking of having a gender party. If any of you have done this...i would really like to know what you think about it. I think it would be kind of include friends and family. And since the weather is nice, we can always have some sort of outdoor party...which means...hubby can bbq and i don't really have to do much work (other than cleaning the dishes and making the cake/cupcakes).

Anyone have any thoughts or have any of you ever had a Gender party before?? It's when you reveal the gender of your baby with your guest in a fun creative the color into a cake/cupcake.


  1. Aww, I love these types of posts! Love that we all get to experience these changes with you. And for all the non-moms out there (including me), you'll have to do post-baby posts too to let us know what's changed and the REALness of pregnancy and the birth!

    So happy you're doing well! Praying for a healthy check up tomorrow at the doctor :)

  2. Thank you for the add and congratulations on your pregnancy :)! I'm loving the idea of a gender reveal party.

  3. I am with Alisha, I love reading pregnancy posts like this!! Helps me know what to expect someday!!

    I love the idea of a gender reveal party! I think that is SUCH a cute idea!!

  4. my girlfriend is having a gender reveal party! i think it is so clever!!