Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kitchen Crap.

I opened my kitchen junk/gadgets draw last night looking for the potato peeler.  Do you think i found it? No. My drawer looks like a bomb exploded. I started to search frantically for this...because OBVIOUSLY my life will absolutely END if i don't find it, because...who ever peels potatoes with knives anymore? I mean, seriously. I really don't know where I'm going with this...because's a little off topic...but let's just say i found the potato peeler about a mini mental breakdown later (6 minutes)...and it was sitting at the bottom of the sink (hubby had used it that morning, for GOD knows what!!).

All I'm saying is...I've got a lot of JUNK/CRAP that needs to go! I mean, i seriously have a bunch of useless gadgets that are pretty much garbage...all because the label said that it would make my cooking/kitchen experience better. Well...i don't think that having a drawer full of junk made that experience better...

So Today, i got to my computer...and started to think. I NEED TO GET RID OF THE CRAP IN THE CRAP DRAWER, ASAP. I came across this: to the point list.

I have a few things that I'm going to be putting in my "Goodwill/Garage sale bin" this weekend....

How about you? Do you have any unnecessary kitchen gadgets that you can toss? Or how you have any that are absolutely NECESSARY??

Like can't "EYE" your pasta?!


  1. I laughed a bit when I read this post because I was in the exact same situation with my kitchen drawer , only I was looking for a bottle opener :D

  2. hahaha! This reminds me of my parents kitchen drawers back home. My mom would never throw ANYTHING away. Our apartment is about 1sq ft in diameter so any non-useful (useless) things are just not welcome!

  3. i seriously need more kitchen gadgets, haha. i feel like i don't have nearly enough!

  4. Dora, glad i made you laugh. It wasn't funny at the moment...but now i guess it's really funny. I was slamming cabinets and huffing and puffing. I think i even broke a sweat. Who needs working out?!! HEHE. Kate: My last apartment kitchen was...the size of a when i moved, i guess i thought that i needed more CRAP...which...aparently did not! I agree, they arent welcome in my home either! Faith: I will mail you mine! ;)