Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Betty, the lobster.

So, there is a lady i work with, her husband that is a big fisher. He has his own boat and goes out every weekend to catch fish. This is his hobby. He catches and brings home whatever he gets that day, and that's what they eat for dinner. She had mentioned to me that she was so sick of seafood and he always brings home lobsters and he has to give them away to the neighbors because you need to cook them right away. So, i tell her..."ohh lobsters, i LOVE lobster! Yum!"...and she says "Next time he brings some home, I'll have him give you a few!"..."SURE!".

She comes to work yesterday and hands me a cooler...inside...was Betty.

See, here is the thing. I love lobster. I really do. But i like them DEAD...NOT ALIVE. Who knows why i said that i liked it...and that i was willing to actually KILL this poor little guy. So of course, i said "OH THANK YOU!!! Yummy!!", trying to play cool. All day i was thinking about this thing, alive in this cooler. When i got in my car last night, i buckled Betty in...and drove home. At every light I'd make sure Betty was still alive. She really did look at me...and ask me to let her go!...and i felt terrible. :( Poor Betty. So, i drove straight to my uncles house (he was a chef at a restaurant)...and handed Betty over. "Please cook this for me".
He of course was like "sure! mmm, lobster." I had to sit outside for the next 1/2 hour, because i didn't want to hear her scream as she was slowly dying.  Then, Betty came out with a sunburn. I couldn't possibly eat her. It was too sad. She was dead. And it was all my fault.
I don't know why, but i really don't like killing things. I mean, i am a meat eater, i love steak and i love ham and i love chicken...but i don't like to see it alive...let alone, KILL IT.

Does anyone ever make kill lobster (or any animal?)? Do you feel as guilty as i felt? I felt really gross after eating Betty. She was pretty tasty, but i just kept thinking of her beety eyes. :(  I don't

Rest in Peace, Betty.

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  1. woahhhh lobster! haha great post! and your blog is super cute!