Monday, June 20, 2011

My secret.

I've been a little distant for a while now (13 weeks exactly)...and maybe this will make a little more sense as to why....
Please welcome, Baby Cole. :) Hubby and I are very thrilled with this new addition...and are both a little overwhelmed with emotions. I never knew how crazy my hormones would react to this...but let me just tell you, it's been a really crazy rollercoaster of emotions (Just ask my hubs). Lots of TEARS (yes, tears of..."holy freaken cow-my life is going to change in just a few months"), lots of smiles, and definitely, LOTS OF LOVE.  Don't get me wrong, I was freaking out when i found out...i mean, freaking out as in-"OMG, NO FREAKEN WAY!"...and that followed with lots of crazy tears...but in the end, i have the best husband and we've been blessed to have such a supportive family...and everyone is very happy for us.

It really is an indescribable feeling. I haven't had any morning sickness, and i've been feeling 100%. I'm happy and content and at peace with this. Sometimes, i don't even feel like i'm pregnant...because i've had 0 symptoms.  It really hits you when you hear the heart beat and it really just makes your heart just warm when you see what is inside you on a screen.  The whole process of life and what a miracle and what an amazing, incredible thing that's going on inside, just the growing and maturing of a baby.

So that's my secret. :)


  1. Congratulations! What an incredible journey for you and your hubs!! Can't wait to meet this precious little baby. :)

    Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


  2. Congratulations!!!I am very happy for you and your family :)

  3. YAY!! Congrats. Lots of happiness is coming your way.

  4. that is great news! Congrats!!

  5. Thank you ladies!! This is a really crazy exciting time in our lives, and i'm so happy there are a bunch of bloggy friends to watch us through it all. :) xoxoxoxo

  6. Congratulations!!!! I'm looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey :)