Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dudes (Dudettes), i'm going CRAZY!

Who knew registering for a baby could be THIS hard? Seriously. My eyes are about to start bleeding after reading review after review. Some negative, some positive. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE!?! I've been seriously stalking YouTube for the past 3 hours in search for a stroller. My sister-in-law got me all nervous because she got one of the regular Graco's...and HATES it. It's way too heavy and takes up %99.99999 of room in her trunk. She had to end up buying the snap-and-go separate and my nephew is only 7 months, and already grew out of the car seat...and they recently got him ANOTHER stroller since the Graco was ridiculously HEAVY!  Another expense. It's better to spend the money up front...then have to buy a $300 stroller at first, and then have to buy a separate $70 accessories to make it lighter, then the child grows out of it and then you end up buying a WHOLE entire new lightweight stroller +CAR seat. When you add that all up...you're spending way over $700! So, I've decided to do my homework. Thank god i still have 18 weeks left. HOLY CRAP! Did i just say that!?! 18 weeks left? Doesn't sound that long! I have lots of homework to do.

Any of you ladies having the same issue? Any advice?
Registering for a baby is NOT as fun as registering for a wedding :'(

I've been looking at light weight strollers/travel systems...that will hold the baby from infant to 40 lbs (around 4 years old). I need help! :(

Anyone have any helpful tips? I could really use it. :)

(I live on the second floor, so i really want something light weight. I've been looking at the Peg Perego Pliko Switch.....anyone have any negative/positive feedback! pleaseeeeeeee. :)

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  1. I have been sloooowly researching all sorts of baby gear already and I feel your pain! There are so many choices and things to consider! Just when I feel like I've found "the one" I find myself dwelling on a few negative reviews. Good luck on your hunt!