Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What i miss most.

I was thinking about what I'm going to miss the most about being pregnant, when I'm NOT in...feeling the little kicks...and watching my belly expand to fit him inside of me. :'( I think when this is all over, I'll miss all of it. But for now...I miss a lot of things about NOT being pregnant.

1. I miss NOT having to pee every 20 minutes...and uninterrupted sleep...where i wake up in the middle of the night and i have to RUN (not walk) to the bathroom. :( Ahh, it's going to be a while (even after little C is born), that i will have uninterrupted sleep (sigh)

2. I miss having energy. I miss being able to go up a flight of stairs (our bedrooms are UPSTAIRS) and not feel like i just ran a marathon. I hate forgetting things upstairs. I will do absolutely ANYTHING to NOT take the trip. It's THAT bad.

3. Sleeping on my stomach/back....self explanatory. I just miss it.

4. I'm NOT a big drinker, but i do like a cold beer with hubby once in a while...after work, especially in the summer...when it's hot out. Or, for our 6 year (together, not married) anniversary last night, i couldn't order my usual wine..."Water with lemon please!"

5. SUSHI. OK, this should've been #1!!!! I miss eating sushi, SO MUCH. I wont go to a sushi place to even tempt myself...because i get nervous that they use the knives to cut the sushi with the raw sushi...and it makes me cringe. :( Oh sushi, i miss you. If any of my friends are reading this...I WANT TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR MY FAVORITE SUSHI (Kelman Roll)....THE DAY HE IS BORN...NO...SERIOUSLY...WITHIN THE HOUR. I expect you to obey my wishes!! :)

6. Being heartburn/gas free. I never had morning sickness (thank god), but seriously...the gas pains are NO JOKE. I cannot wait until my stomach and intestines go to their respective places and i can eat, like a normal person.

7.  Swollen feet. I miss my toes. They used to be really cute. :(

How about any of you ladies? Anything you miss about being Pregnant/Not pregnant.  I don't mind BEING pregnant...but i do miss some of the things i was able to do (Eat)...and not worry...but...anything for a healthy baby in the end!!


  1. ahhh, all the fun to look forward to in the future! but it is all worth it! :)

  2. I miss deli sandwiches!! And also feeling like myself..morning sickness really did a number on me there for awhile!

  3. Faith! Lots to look forward to!! You're children will be gorgeous! IT's allllllll worth it! Trust me.

    Lindsay-DELI SANDWICHES! yessssss. I miss cold cuts like crazy! how could i forget? And i didn't have morning sickness, but i've been suffering from severe gas pains...staight in the middle of my stomach! I seriously CRY! :(don't worry...only a few more weeks and your morning sickness will be all gone! the 4th and 5th month are pretty awesome (if i do say so myself).