Wednesday, August 10, 2011

re-cap of the last few weeks:

Again, sorry for not posting like i am suppose to.  It's really hot in NY and I'm in no mood to sit in front of a computer. Not to mention, i was on Furlough for 2 weeks from my job...and sitting in front of a computer was THE LAST THING i wanted to do (since i pretty much do it at work all the time)! Instead, i caught up on all my MTV teeny booper shows (Teen Mom, Awkward, Jersey Shore, etc etc) and some RHNJ & NY...and some much needed, rest and relaxation.  And i did some cleaning...and organizing too.

OH, did i tell you we got our washer and dryer installed? So yea, i did LOTS of laundry! The only bad thing is that we had it installed in the basement...and we have to go up/down 2 flights of my preggy body isn't doing so well with lifting the basket up and down....that's what Hubby's are for though!! (LOL) Either way, it's a great start...and we're loving the machine. We purchased the Samsung washer (WF419AAW/XAA) and matching steam dryer...that has AWESOME REVIEWS...and if i do say so myself...they are pretty darn awesome. So quiet, and they also have awesome features such as the steam one, and the sanitary setting (which gets REALLY HOT to kill any bacteria, etc etc.).---Yea, i just said AWESOME like 4 times in a row. I will probably wash all the baby bedding and clothes in the sanitary setting! Oh man, i just LOVE them! It's crazy how I'm super excited about something that washes my clothes. This is a bigggg step for hubs and I...we wont have to waste a whole day at a laundry mat...and break our backs with 6-7 laundry bags...Not to mention all the MONEY we spent to wash...sometimes even $6 or $7 per load!!!  They are also really efficient as far as the laundry detergent goes...i only use 1/2 a cap for a wash...and 1/2 a cap of softner, and everything comes out smelling AMAZING. When we used to wash in the commercial machines...we would use about 3 full caps for soap, and 3 full caps for softner. ($AVING LOTS OF MONEY THIS WAY!!!)

Yes, i drew a creepy pic of me (with my retarded looking baby bump) with my new washer & dryer.

OK, so this may be really stupid...but i was really confused the other day, about where your organs go-when you're pregnant. I watched a c-section birth (while obviously bored out of my mind), and let me tell was NOT pretty. Well, neither was the regular birth...but...i guess it was a little more "natural" looking. No offence to anyone who's had a c-section (who knows if my birth plan doesn't work out the way i want it to, i might have to get one done also), but I've saw serious ORGANS...on the outside of a body...that just freaked me out.  I saw real life intestines! Eeeeeeeew. So, it got me thinking about where my baby is...and if he is in front or behind my stomach, bladder, intestines, etc. It really is mind boggling to it obviously i went to my main man G (google).

Sorry if i should pretty much KNOW this by know, since I'm PREGNANT and all...but it is a little crazy how a baby grows inside of you...and how your body just 'knows' what to do. It's like...WE WERE REALLY MADE FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How crazy. Anywho...i found this website that is a Museum in Chicago (and if i lived there, i would SOOOOO GO CHECK IT OUT)...and it had such awesome (there i go again with the word awesome) exhibits! Wish i could go!!!! :(  Check out this link of how the body changes for your growing baby. I thought it was pretty insightful and amazing.  Let me know what you think! Have any of you ever been to this museum? If so, i want FEEDBACK!

OK, so onto BIGGER...and more important things, like the baby-bump. Last time i posted i was 17 weeks...and now...I'm 20. A WHOLE LOT HAS CHANGED. A WHOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE LOT. I actually feel him kicking, and just this last week it's becoming more frequent....and yes, it's amazing. It's of the best feelings in my entire life (it's up there with getting engaged, walking down the aisle and getting my first car---you know---the important things in life).

Every time he kicks, i look down...and stare at my stomach. Up until a few weeks ago i did not FEEL pregnant. I mean, i knew i was...but i didn't feeeeeeeeeeeel  it. I just felt BLOATED. Like, i felt like i was at that awkward stage where people would wonder if i was pregnant, but not say anything. People would stare...and I'd stare back. Yea, i just felt really BEER BELLY FAT. NOW, I'm like, LEGIT pregnant. Like i am...PREGNANT!!!   Which is great....but scary...since...i can't believe I'm 1/2 way there...and i still have NO IDEA what his nursery is going to look like...and its starting to freak me out, how unprepared i am for this. I mean, i know I'm going to be a great doubt in my head...but sometimes i feel like I'm losing patience a lot easier/faster....and how am i going to handle a baby, crying in the middle of the night? Or...idk...just things that scare me. Since I've been reading a WHOLE LOT...about post postpartum depression...and how i will take to this new "THING" (yes, i called my child a THING). I'm just, getting a little nervous of the change.

The one thing i can honestly say that has happened the past few weeks is, i think I've fallen head over heels for my husband...and it's weird, because i knew i loved him...and obviously i married the emotions are going BUCKWILD...and I'm just like, GA-GA over him. Like i want to lay with him for as long as possible in the morning...and i want to kiss him when i get home, and i miss him when we're apart. If you know me, I'm NOT that type of girl. I'm Mrs. Independent...and i love being that way, but something CLICKED inside of me. Like, I'm OOZING of love...and i can't get enough of him. OK, so tell me why i just got teary eyed (SWEAR). It's the pregnancy i swear.

So, here i go, with my (tri)WEEKLY (looks like I'm updating every 3 weeks!) preggy update:

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 20 weeks 5 days
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 lbs (doc told me to LAY OFF THE BREAD/PASTA---is that some way of him saying I'm getting FAT?!!!) 
Maternity Clothes: I'm 100% in maternity clothes. And my boobs are HUGE. I've already grown 2 cup sizes (Originally and A---and now a small C). I really hope i go back to my measly A cup after he is born though---i LOVE being small chested...for some weird reason, it's so much easier to find clothes i think....I'm spilling out of all my shirts, in a BAD way. Not cool. I'm not fitting in most of my regular t-shirts anymore, unless they are LONG...because my belly sticks out the bottom :'(
Sleep:  I'm pretty much sleeping pretty good. I do get up to go to the bathroom, but it hasnt' really interrupted my sleep. Hubs and I go to sleep relatively early now...since he's working mostly morning shifts, so I'm getting as much sleep as possible.   
Best Moment this week: I can honestly say it was on Monday (8/8) when hubby felt him kick (his 3rd kick ever). I always put his hand on my stomach...and he immediately stops kicking...and i feel bad...because i wish i could control him kicking....and he always looks so disappointed. This time he gave Daddy a nice 2 kicks...and we both laughed. Also, just falling deeper in love with my husband...this bond is really incredible. I don't think I've ever felt this deep connection with him...and I'm not saying it as a bad thing---like...i obviously LOVE him...and all, but this is on another level of connection.  He's going to be such a great father, and it makes me get all choked up when i think about it. :'(
Gender: It's a boy! We found out on July 1st. We are SUPER EXCITED...I've always wanted a boy first (i love the idea of 'big brothers' because i had one)---yep, same as 17 weeks. We pretty much narrowed down the name...but I'm keeping that one a secret! ;-)
100% least 2-3 an hour....maybe more, depending on what I'm doing. He usually kicks when i eat food...which is kinda cool...or when I'm relaxing on the couch in the afternoons.
Food Cravings: i don't know if this is a craving, but i ate a whole 4 lbs of nectarines in 4 days.  i wouldn't say i would absolutely DIE if i didn't have it...but they are really darn good. LOL
Food Aversions: Nothing really...
How I'm feeling: My back continues to bother me, and i feel like there is a balloon (check out that link to that museum above) inside of me inflating. Like, just tightness in my abdomen...and I'm getting out of breath a little more, when i do the steps at home.
What I am looking forward to:
Starting the nursery. We've decided that we are going to start in September, and i already have so many ideas!
Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: 
A Cantaloupe!!! HOLLLLLLLLLY COW!!
Week 20: Cantaloupe
Average size: 6.5 in, 10.6 oz

Boy or girl, genitals are fully formed...
> More on what baby's up to
***At our last apt (last week, 19w5d), baby weighed in at 14 he's a BIG BOY!***

Weekly Thoughts: I can't believe we are 1/2 way there! This is really freaking insane. Also, i think about how happy i am pregnant (yea, so what if my doctor called me FAT)...I'm loving the experience...and i know that i can do this over and over again (if all pregnancies are like this) i don't know about the delivery!!! I'm getting kinda nervous about that. OH And i wanted to add that my nails are kick@$$. Super long and strong!
Here is my 19w5d prego pic (since i look HORRID today!)
i can totally see the little cantaloupe!

and here is the weekly sonogram (taken at last weeks Dr.apt)---he has MY NOSE!!!

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  1. Ha, we are so close in pregnancies! Congrats on the boy. Now what do we do? Ha!