Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Craiglisting for babies.

Searching for the perfect bedding has been quite a challenge.  I knew i wanted something that was gender neutral...and at the same time...not too theme-y. I didn't want Winnie the pooh or a cartoon character. SO, i decided to go geometric!
I was really into the Dwell Studio line...but not so into their price. I literally DROOLED over all their stuff! Then, i started craigslist-ing. At first, i was a little hesitant to buying 'gently' used bedding. After all, it's a NEW baby...and you obviously want everything NEW...i was just really in love with all of the shapes and colors from Dwell...and i knew...i had to have it.
Target has had lots Dwell...but none that i could say 'i love'...and still...a little pricey...for just a fitted, bumper, and comforter. A 3 piece set was $79 and technically it was a 2 piece set after hearing all of the Safety Alerts about bumpers. Yea, they look super cute, but do i really want to risk putting my child in a crib that can possibly suffocate on one!? Um...No.
So i was back to craigslist-ing.
I finally found a woman that was selling a complete Dwell set (fitted, skirt, comforter, bumper, added pillows) for $50. I emailed to ask the condition. She told me that she actually had never used the crib set because she had gotten it as a gift for her daughter, and they didn't know the gender so they decided to stay on the safe side and get yellow. When she was born...they went PINK crazy, and the first few months she didn't sleep in her crib...so by the time she did they had already purchased another set. I decided to go take a look, since...it sounded like a bargain. I really wanted to see in what condition the house was-because HEY YOU NEVER KNOW-THIS IS CRAIGSLIST. I do know that she had gotten this as a gift, and that a 340$ gift is a nice one, so i mean-she had to have a decent home. When i got there (i took my cousin with me-i always go on craigslist runs with people) i was pleasantly surprised. The home was immaculate...and everything was in the original packaging. She even threw in a few extra throw pillows and 2 additional fitted sets. I was in heaven! The things were washed, but definitely in perfect condition. Not a tare or stain in sight. I even scored an awesome high chair for $15!! And a rocking/glider for $40! i spent $105 for a glider, a dwell studio crib set (with additional things), and a high chair.

Now, i want to know your input. What are your feelings about Craigslisting for a baby? Are you opposed to it? Is it OK, if the stuff is in great/excellent condition?!!

this is the bedding, still in original packaging!

extra throw pillows for the room!!


  1. I'm expecting in April next year and have start looking at what kind of things I can find on Craigslist. At this point in our lives we simply just can't afford the best and most expensive things brand new. I think craigslist is a great way to cut down the cost, especially since baby stuff is used for such a short time.

  2. Congrats!! April will be here before you know it, so start craigslisting early! :) I agree, babies use these things for such a short amount of time...it would be silly to just throw them away...or not try to make some money off them at least!