Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things I didn't use, even after i registered for them.

Morning!! And what a beautiful one it is in NY! Beautiful Sky's and the weather is JUST RIGHT!
I've been thinking of what i want to post for a while now, since i have SO MUCH built up inside my head...with Aj and all...and i know for one, i would like to post my birth story, but like i mentioned before, that is going to be a day I'm ready...to share the most wonderful experience of my life...and i need to really SIT and WRITE...and re-live it.  Bringing Aj into the world has been the best thing that has ever happened to me...and i wouldn't change a second of it. I still can't believe it sometimes, as I'm watching him grow---that he was just in my belly 4 months ago! And here he is, growing, laughing, smiling, coo-ing, kicking...and melting my heart!! I read this quote the other day (i put it on my facebook)
" I knew love before, but I wasn’t responsible for it, I wasn’t instrumental to its existence. Before I became a Mother, love happened to me, I happened to love – but now, I created love from love." ♥ and it's so perfect!!
OK, so i wanted to share with you girls THINGS that i didn't use, and think were kinda stupid---and this is all in MY OPINION! I did a lot of research before Aj was born, and lots of these things had 5 stars...but when Aj was born i found myself NOT using them...so here goes!
#1-Moby Wrap!
When i first got pregnant, i did so much research! I wanted this thing---and i wanted it, BAD. I was so excited to get it in the mail...and i couldn't wait to put Aj in it! WRONG. Aj was a great baby, for the first week...then after that, he would CRY...for no apparent reason. To put this wrap on, you need LOTS of patience...it takes a few minutes---and it's NOT that easy!  And i know I've done the YouTube videos and I've tried every possible way for this to work---but alas...it's a no go for Aj (and I).  It's this GINORMOUS piece of fabric---and I'm small, so it wraps around me a few times---and it's just annoying to put this on---while your baby is screaming on the top of his lungs! I did however get the Baby Bjorn Air---and let me tell you, as heavy as Aj is now (pushing 15 lbs) this thing is still comfortable and EASY to put on!! And not to mention, when he falls asleep in this thing---i can easily slip him out, and put him down in his pack and play, and he doesn't even realize it! SCORE!!!

#2- Pee-Pee TeePee
I don't per say have the same one in the picture above, but i do have one that has a baseball on it...and i received it as a gift at my shower. And although, it is a great idea (i thought so), i realized---it's a complete waste of money($10). First of all, ladies....we are changing a diaper! You are not eating at a fancy restaurant. You want to get IN and GET OUT as SOON AS POSSIBLE -STAT! Don't sit around with his winky all out for 10 minutes (unless of course, you are airing him out due to a rash--then by all means, yes---let him hang out with his wang out). I simply figured this out all by myself. When i remove the diaper, i open it up...see the situation, and make an assessment on how many wipes i will need...then i close him back up (just lay the diaper on top)...then i pull out as many wipes as i feel necessary for the job ahead. Remove the diaper, and wipe---quickly...but thoroughly...then replace with a new fresh diaper, and continue to wipe until you feel it is clean! Then lay the diaper back on. At this time you can squeeze your diaper creme on your finger or open the powder (he's already covered...so if he feels the urge...he will shoot straight into the diaper...and no one gets hurt. Then apply the cream, corn starch(which i think is WAY better than ANY DIAPER CREAM out there!!!), and close him back up! and you're done!  No one has ever died by a little newborn urine anyways! It's clear, and sterile...and please, i'm sure the vomit is WAY WORSE! Now if you insist on getting something...to cover his winky....try a breastpad....they are cheap, and disposable, and i'm sure you'll have plenty stashed away if you plan on bfing.

I was determined to breast feed Aj from the second he was born---and i
didn't get my wish that second, but a few hours later...which is totally fine. Unfortunutely, I did have a bunch of bottles at home---and they didn't really work for us. I was pumping and feeding for the first few weeks until i healed (i was EXTREMELY SORE) and despite what all the lactation consultants said, Aj was fine switching between bottle and breast. Unfortunutely, he is having more of those issues NOW as he is getting older. He will ONLY take the Medela bottles (the ones you pump into)...and every once in a while i will try to feed him with the tommee tippee. I am one of those people who HATE having clutter near my kitchen sink, so i try to have as LITTLE as possible (it's not possible to NOT have a drying rack---trust me!).  I wasted plenty of money purchasing really "cool" bottles---aka Dr Browns, .....and i don't use them! The good thing...they actually latch on to the adapters of the medela breast pump, so i'm still able to re-use them when pumping! Make sure when you buy bottles, you buy only 1...and try it. Chances are, the kid will like only 1 brand...and the rest go unused.
#4 Lots of different baby bath/Shampoo/soaps
Yes, i know i registered for them...but if i would've known better, maybe i wouldn't have.  My nephew Kevin was born last year around the same time, so i would always smell and LOVE the Johnson and Johnson's baby bedtime bath! SOOOOO Yummy smelling...and i couldn't wait till Aj was born to lather him up! The first few weeks...i started to notice little dry patches and redness on his face and legs. When i took him to the ped they asked me what wash i was using...and i told him...and they told me to change to something a little more mild...such as Dove sensitive or Aveeno...so i did...and i haven't gone back (now i have a bunch of baby soap i'm not using!). There is nothing wrong with Johnson and Johnson, but it just wasn't good for Aj...so my point is...don't go over board with registering and buying lots of baby wash---until they are born---or else you might be left with LOTS of unused baby soap. I did purchase the Dove, but i still get scared to put this near his face and god forbid he got it in his eye....so i've been using the Aveeno Baby Lavender and vanilla and it's JUST as yummy!! Plus, the lotion is really nice and creamy, and i think it leaves him nice and smooth. Now, just because Aveeno worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for you---so i would definitely try some other brands in the sample size first...before you go all out and buy COSTCO size baby soap! lol

and Last but NOT least, #5---NEWBORN DIAPERS.

Aj was born 8 lbs 9 oz. The kid literally wore size 1 diapers from the second we got home. I had about 120 diapers that went unused (thankfully, i have a cousin that had a baby in February, so i was able to re-gift them). I would even say, size 1 is a waste of money! Not to mention, pampers runs small. He is currently in a size 3, and i bet he would fit nice in a 4. So, if you plan on buying diapers, or registering for them---always go from size 2+....and purchase smaller boxes of size newborn and 1.  They grow WAY TOO FASST...and you'll have PLENTY of leftovers. The only good thing---you can save them for a diaper cake for your next baby shower!! ;)

Any of you have things that you felt were unnecessary? Or purchase anything that you THOUGHT would be amazing, and turn out to be kinda-blah!?
I'm a big review person-so i know i did my research-but when baby comes, you realize what you really NEED and what is not so great afterall.

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  1. I need to save this for when I get pregnant, very helpful stuff!:)