Tuesday, January 25, 2011

furry babies.

furry babies.
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Yes, this bunch of fur...is my happiness.
Meet: Bailey Fox, Marley Bob "Titty", and Sebastian Charles.

Bailey is a mutt we rescued from a local shelter in 2007. We don't know what he is (breed wise)...but Mr. Cole thinks he has rhodesian ridgeback and pitbull in him.  He really is the funniest slash dumbest dog you will ever meet. He reminds me of Lenny, from Of Mice and Men. You know, big...and stupid! Yes...that's him to a T.  He is surrounded by smaller fur-babies, so sometimes he thinks he really is that small. It's actually really funny to watch him attempt to sit on my lap.

Marley Bob, AKA "Titty", AKA "Mr. Tittlesworth", AKA "Toddy" AKA "Psycho"...is the cat in the middle. MC and I found him in a garbage can in 2008 right outside our first apartment. He is the light of our world...and BOY does this cute guy keep us busy. When he's not CRYING for food...he's usually attacking one of the dogs. We think he actually is a tiger...because he sure acts like one. MC and I love Bob Marley (for more reasons than 1)...and that is why we decided to name him after him.

Sebastian Charles.  Where do I begin? I adopted Sebastian from a lady that could no longer care for him in 2004.  Sebastian was my baby, way before I even knew Mr. Cole. He was...and still continues to be...my favorite (But shh, don't tell the rest). Here is the thing...Sebastian is not very nice. Actually, he is quite mean...well, to everyone who isn't me.  Not many people like him, because he's actually tried to bite a few (well, everyone).  He only like's me...and that is ok, because i'm all that matters! Right?!  A few years back, Sebastian started to get rashes. Soon after that, he started to loose his hair. Now, he is about 75% bald. Poor guy! In the cold Long Island winters, little guy has to do his business in a coat. So, don't make fun, when you see him wearing sweaters and all types of t-shirts. He really has no other choice.  We've taken him to 6 vets, but no one can tell us what he has. The vet said, to just keep him comfortable and happy...so that's what we're doing. He's going to be 11 years old soon. I love my little old man!!

Well, there you go. A little more about Me, and my lovely family. =)

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