Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowed in.

Good Morning.
It's been a little cold here, on the Island. We just got hit with another 11 inches of snow last night, which makes it 51 inches this year, alone. And, we're ONLY IN JANUARY!

So...we're all here. Snowed in.
It actually sounds a lot better than it actually is. It SUCKS. I dislike the snow...maybe 10 times more this year than EVER. You can't do anything. Driving is terrible, and i can't do anything "craft" wise..because all of my craft ideas, are "outdoors" spray painting and painting!
So, here i am...sitting...waiting for this snow to melt (it may take a while).

I've been checking out some amazing new blogs recently...and they are seriously inspiring me to do so much more this year, more than any other year. I can't wait till the weather outside is i can start all my fun new projects on the house.
Other than that, I've decided to organize my MESS of a linen closet. It's absolutely terrible! I went in there to grab a towel...and everything came tumbling down. I also have to organize the closet in the dining room. I think i might get shelves...and use that as an extra pantry, since our kitchen cabinets are too small. That or, i can use that space for extra room to store all my pots and pans. Hm.
Maybe I'll play with furniture in my room...mix it up a little.
My cousin got me this beautiful comforter and bedding set for Xmas, doesn't really "go" with my room. I was thinking of selling get something that "does" match. Is that mean? I mean, i don't want it to just SIT in my closet...that's just not fair either, right?
And, there was no gift receipt....and i don't want to ask him where he got it...because then he would say "why?"...The comforter is like pear and yellow...and my room is aqua.

Any who...i found this awesome dip recipe on a blog i recently started to follow-that I'm going to try this weekend. Looks super yummy!!
anyone have any good "snowed" in recipes they'd like to share?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving all of your sweet comments! We have a lot of snow too. It gets pretty awful after a while, especially trying to keep two toddlers cooped up inside. :)

  2. Aw!! Thanks Stephanie!! I loveee your blog!! Snow is the absolute worst.