Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend project

This weekend, i feel like i've got a few things checked off my "TO DO" list.
I've finally tackled my closet...and i'm really proud of myself. I was able to donate about 1/3 of my stuff!! I really wasn't holding back this time. I kept saying to myself, "Did i wear this in the past 5 months? No? Ok. Time to let go!"...and in it went in the "DONATION PILE".
I was really proud of myself for doing it...but i still have lots more to do. I have yet to hit up my jeans and t-shirt drawer. That's where it's going to get hard. Lots of stuff in my closet are work clothes (dressy pants/tops/dresses/formal wear) that wasn't so hard to just toss, next everyday apparel...which is really hard, because i lovvvvvve jeans and i loooove my comfy Tees!! And, i really do loove all of my tank tops i've accumulated over the years. But, i'm looking on the bright side...i get to start over...and start buying some new pieces to add to my that will make it a little easier to let go! hehe.

I do have a bunch of jeans i've had since i was 16 or 17...DON'T JUDGE! I think it might be "time" to let them go!!! I'm so ready for the challenge!!!

And, to top it off...i was also able to get rid of some unwanted crap in my entrance/living room (part of my "30 Items in 30 Days" April challenge).

 I didn't really take before and after pics...but...i swear, i really did THROW THEM IN THE TRASH FINALLY! purge them! I got rid of some really disgusting dusty old candles i've had sitting in my living room...and i got rid of some plants in my entrance...that were really, just dying. Poor things looked so terrible. I felt really bad throwing them in the trash, but i have big plans. I was thinking, Succulents!! I really love the way they look, and they are LOW MAINTENCE...that's SOOOO Me!! ;) I started googling easy plants (Because i'm the WORST Plant grower, ever!)...and this is what they say about succulents: "Succulents are not only easy to grow, they are forgiving of neglent and absence"....THAT'S MEEEEEE!

So...did any of you guys "PURGE" this weekend?? What did you end up throwing away/donating??? It really does feel great...i feel really motivated to tackle some other areas of the house now! :)


  1. Way to go! You accomplished a lot more than I did this weekend :-) I need to start doing some purging as well to get ready for our neighborhood yard sale in a month! Thanks so much for your prayers for my grandmother!

  2. Wow - congratulations on purging that much! I haven't yet built up the courage to tackle my closet. Primarily because over half my clothes are items that are too small (gained quite a bit of weight since falling pregnant and having said child and am in the slow process of getting rid of it) or items I know I won't ever wear again but it pains me to get rid of them because of all the memories they carry.
    I did however attack my shoes and bags collections (see my new blog ) and I'm pretty impressed I was able to 'rid' myself of so many.
    And succulents - fantastic choice!!